Configuring a Riseup List

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Don't! We have mailman now! Use that instead. :)

Visit your list page

If your list is named "omni-something" your list URL is:

Make sure you are logged in!

Make it visible/joinable

If people can't see the page, it is effectively "invite-only", and the only way to join is emailing an owner asking nicely. When people can see the page, that means they can request to join by pressing a button. Much lower barrier to entry!

  • Click on: Admin -> Edit list config -> List definition
  • Under Visibility of the list, make sure it says: The list is visible in the directory of lists. (anyone)

Let members post freely

By default, everybody is moderated. We should only need to moderate posts from non-members.

  • Click on: Admin -> Edit list config -> Sending/reception
  • Under Who can send messages, make sure it says: List members may post, other email is held for moderation. (members_or_moderated)

Create a public description

This way people can read what your group is about.

1) Review the description

I notice some of them are worded as personal messages like "Hello Riseup I would like a list for this reason". They probably don't make it clear that this would become public text!

  • Click: Admin -> Customizing -> HTML pages -> Edit List description
  • Make sure it's something you actually want new people and the public to see
  • Press Save

2) Make it public

If you don't make the description public, people will see a confusing message about "private information" even on a public-facing list.

  • Click on: Admin -> Edit list config -> Privileges
  • Under Who can view list information, make sure it says: The list info page is publically visible. (anyone)

Add other owners

It's a good idea to decentralize ownership of the list and moderator privileges, so as to better distribute the work of running and moderating a list.

  • Click: Admin -> Edit list config -> List definition
  • Under Owner below your entry, add the email address of someone active in the group who's agreed to share ownership.
    • Owners can freely add or delete subscribers to the list, and pass on messages that get caught in the queue by non-members posting to the list.
    • Once you add another Owner and save changes, a new form for adding another owner will appear.