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Fundraising Meeting Notes

See Calendar for past and future meetings. Here is a short list:

First Campaign


Raise money for critical start-up costs.


$70,000 Stretch goals of $88k, $111k,...maybe all the way to $700k?


DRAFT Omni Commons Fundraising Campaign Timeline


  • Fund-raising (FR) Working Group
    • Danny, Laura, Matt, Joel, Stan, Hayley, Cere, Sarah P, Sean, Anthony, Helen,
  • Internal Omni Coord
    • Organizes members & collectives to participate in fundraising
    • Danny – Bottom-Lining, writing, delegate meeting
  • Communications / Design
    • Message and materials design, tech support
    • Joel - Bottom-Lining
  • Publicity and Outreach
    • Contacts and organizes external support for Omni FR
    • Laura – temp Bottom-Liner, major donor/challenge grant outreach
    • Matt – tech support
    • Danny - writing
  • Events
    • Plans and coordinates large FR events
    • Stan – Bottom-Lining for 1st event