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If you have services to offer and would like to subscribe to one of the mailing lists below, please let us know!
* For general inquiries: DIYhelp [at] omnicommons [dot] org

* For general inquiries: [mailto:DIYhelp@omnicommons.org DIYhelp@omnicommons.org]
* If you have services to offer or would like to request assistance please fill out the intake form here: http://www.diysafetygroup.org
* Volunteer Coordination: [mailto:DIYvolunteercoordination@omnicommons.org DIYvolunteercoordination@omnicommons.org]
* Advocacy and Policy: [mailto:DIYpolicy@omnicommons.org DIYpolicy@omnicommons.org]
* Legal Assistance: [mailto:DIYlegal@omnicommons.org DIYlegal@omnicommons.org]
* Finance and Fundraising: [mailto:DIYfinance@omnicommons.org DIYfinance@omnicommons.org]
* Construction and Improvements: [mailto:DIYconstruction@omnicommons.org DIYconstruction@omnicommons.org]
* Code Compliance and Pre-Inspections: [mailto:DIYcodecompliance@omnicommons.org DIYcodecompliance@omnicommons.org]
* Communications: [mailto:DIYcomms@omnicommons.org DIYcomms@omnicommons.org (communications)]

=Upcoming Meetings=

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 14th at 7pm in the Omni Ballroom

=Upcoming Meetings=

= Meeting Minutes Archive =
= Meeting Minutes Archive =

*[[Event:2016/12/07 DIYsafety]]
*[[Event:2016/12/14 DIYsafety]]
*[[Event:2017/01/11 DIYsafety]]

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* [http://saferspac.es saferspac.es/]
* [http://saferspac.es saferspac.es/]
* [http://helpghostship.com/ Help Ghost Ship]
* [http://helpghostship.com/ Help Ghost Ship]
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/13xuoWInCd20OGHMmeJmib6mbHZUgDQqlidM0_RYKtjE/edit How To Survive A Surprise Inspection Of Your Living/Working Space]

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  • To connect community members and resources in support of protecting our friends and creative spaces.


  • For general inquiries: DIYhelp [at] omnicommons [dot] org

Upcoming Meetings

Meeting Minutes Archive