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=== Agenda ===  
=== Agenda ===  
* Introductions, Meeting Roles, and Delegates Count [10 minutes]
* Introductions [15 minutes]
* Access Check-in [5 minutes]
** Meeting Roles
* Brief Announcements [5 minutes]
** Delegates Count
* Working Group Report-Backs [15 minutes]
** Access Check-in
* Member Collective Updates (10 minutes)
* Check-ins, Updates & Report-Backs [30 minutes]
* Conflicts, Mediation & Safe Space [5 minutes]
** Brief Announcements
* Proposal X: [15 minutes]
** Working Groups
* Proposal Y: [15 minutes]
** Member Collectives
* Discussion Z: [10 minutes]
** Conflicts, Mediation & Safe Space
* Proposals & Discussions
=== Introductions ===
=== Introductions ===

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Omni Delegates' Meeting - Day Month 2019 7pm-9pm

for instructions on preparing and archiving these notes, please see the bottom


  • Introductions [15 minutes]
    • Meeting Roles
    • Delegates Count
    • Access Check-in
  • Check-ins, Updates & Report-Backs [30 minutes]
    • Brief Announcements
    • Working Groups
    • Member Collectives
    • Conflicts, Mediation & Safe Space
  • Proposals & Discussions


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Affiliation; any brief announcements; say whether you're a delegate; let us know about any access needs you have†

  • WHY DO WE ASK PRONOUNS? To make space for people who are trans, nonbinary, gender noncomforming or otherwise vulnerable to being misgendered. It's not an invitation to make jokes or trivialize the idea of pronouns. If you are fine with the gender and pronouns society generally assigns to you, please just say what they are without fanfare or embellishment. Conversely, please don't pressure anybody to give their pronouns, as that can harm trans people who are closeted or questioning. The point is to prompt and normalize asking, but not to mandate or enforce. Thank you! <3 Yar

Access Check In

Is everybody able to participate fully in this meeting? Do people have unmet needs or concerns?

Meeting Roles

  • Facilitator/s:
  • Explanation of hand signals: "deaf applause", "raised hand", "point of process", "direct response"(wildcard), etc.
  • Stacktaker:
  • Timekeeper:
  • Notetaker/s:
  • Vibe Reader:
  • Who will out next meeting's agenda beforehand:
  • Next meeting's facilitator(s):


  • CCL:
  • CSC:
  • FNB:
  • FYE:
  • GWS:
  • LL:
  • Sudo:
  • Quorum:

Brief Announcements

Working Group Report-Backs

Building & permits


Finance & Fundraising

Member Collective Updates

What is going on with your collective? What are you working on? What have you accomplished? Any events coming up? Any difficulties you are encountering that you need help with?








Conflicts, Mediation & Safe Space

  • Updates for any ongoing issues
  • Has anybody been asked to leave? asked to leave


Example Proposal Title

  • Name of person, and/or, collective. and/or working group making this proposal; Date the proposal was sent to the consensus email list
  • Text of proposal


Example Discussion Item

Last Meeting Notes


End of Meeting