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The Omni Oakland Commons is a Collective of Collectives. Every Thursday evening, we hold a delegates meeting, where we discuss important Omni-wide issues. Each collective sends an official delegate, but the meetings are open for anyone to come and witness. If you would like to formally join the Omni Collective as a member-group, we have created this short sheet to facilitate the procedure:

  • Please read our vision statement and governing principles to determine if your collective would be a good fit.
  • Attend an Omni Meeting 7–9pm Thursdays at 4799 Shattuck Ave in the basement.
  • Present your collective to the group. This should include *IN WRITING* a description of what you do, points of synergy w/the Omni collective, some thoughts as to how we can help one another (i.e.: what can you provide to the community? what do you need?) What you'd like to provide to the greater community.
  • Please answer the questions below and submit to Omni *IN WRITING* in preparation.
  • After your presentation, the Delegates will take the information to their respective groups for a week of deliberation. We will make a decision at the next Delegates meeting, in a closed vote.

If approved, the following:

  • Choose a delegate to represent your collective in Omni Delegate meetings
  • ATTEND Omni general meetings and participate in/contribute to the ongoing evolution of the project!

Meeting Minutes Archive

Most meeting minutes are now linked via the Calendar

Past Meeting Notes
date comments
2014-07-10 Delegates mtg
2014-05-22 Delegates mtg
2014-05-15 Delegates mtg
2014-05-12 Challenging Dominant Cultures meeting
2014-05-08 Delegates mtg
2014-05-01 Delegates mtg
2014-04-22 Communications Committee
2014-03-27 bigger open meeting - quick info session. CCL & Tooth joined collective
2014-03-13 fourth meeting of delegates
2014-03-11 work meeting to draft corporate papers
2014-03-06 third meeting of delegates
2014-02-27 second meeting of delegates
2014-02-13 first meeting of delegates
2014-02-06 officially bootstrapping the Collective of Collectives
2013-12-05 intro & info
2013-11-20 intro & info