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For the most up-to-date roster of Omni mailing lists, visit the Mailman page directly:

This table describes all our public mailing lists. It was generated automatically by a python script on March 26, 2022. You can sort by number of subscribers, and date of the most recent message, by clicking on the arrows. Our largest mailing lists are announce, consensus and discuss.

name # of subscribers newest message date archive status description
dumprun 8 2018-09-10 private Coordinating dump runs
supersonicpandemonium 9 2016-08-22 public new recording studio collective (music / audio production, etc)
omp 14 2015-07-26 private DEPRECATED - Omni Music Project!
basement 12 2019-09-16 public for omni basement stewards!
DIYpp 1 2017-02-07 private Safety for DIY Spaces - list for point people from each working group
confidential 11 2019-05-21 private for confidential things. used very sparingly. [closed]
thevillage-discuss 4 2022-02-16 private private discussion list for organizers of The Village
helpdesk 16 2022-03-26 private All misc. omni emails are directed here. [closed to respect senders' privacy]
commons 42 2022-03-25 private Working group for managing & scheduling the common areas
printstudio 24 2015-07-26 private DEPRECATED - Community Print Studio
kids 14 2018-08-17 private discussion of kids and childcare at Omni Commons (low- to mid-level traffic)
booking 32 2022-03-25 private event request form sends things here [closed to respect senders' privacy]
how-we-organize 30 2016-01-20 private DEPRECATED: "How We Organize" working group. Formerly "Facilitating Collectivity". Formerly "Governance".
organize 14 2022-02-01 public 'fuck trump' ain't enuf - get organized
Productions 6 2021-09-13 public In-house A/V tech team for helping with events
mediation 15 2021-11-18 private email this list to discuss conflict mediation, request support, etc
cdc 5 2021-08-17 private Challenging Dominant Cultures working group
houseband 8 2015-04-10 private our own musical house band
ballroom-readiness 7 2016-01-31 private DEPRECATED - Ballroom Readiness
anon 7 2016-01-30 private Anonymous Omni Feedback
riseup-omnilogistics 0 2014-10-20 private Archive of our old Riseup list "omnilogistics"
building 51 2022-03-25 private Working group for building construction & maintenance projects
riseup-omnicomms 1 2014-09-23 private Archive of our old Riseup list "omnicomms"
reboot 8 2016-01-20 public
DIYpolicy 1 2020-08-15 private Safety for DIY Spaces - Working Group - Policy
finance 35 2022-03-27 private Finance Working Group
library 9 2016-01-20 public Informal library working group
aguaviva 4 2022-03-22 public DEPRECATED: contact the cafe!
ballroom 13 2014-10-21 private DEPRECATED. replaced by the "commons" working group & mailing list
becoming 34 2014-06-25 public To steward a collective visioning and planning process with all of Omni Commons
medialab 20 2019-10-11 public Discussion list for emergent media lab in Omni's basement
race 13 2015-10-08 private Fighting Racism at the Omni Commons
keys 3 2022-03-25 private email this list to request keycard access
omniprojects 11 2021-11-06 private closed list for omni fiscally-sponsored projects
ebfnb 62 2022-03-26 private East Bay Food Not Bombs
rodents 12 2017-02-08 private dealing with omni's rodent problem
sound 15 public Omni's audio tech-trained collective
collectivity 12 2014-10-22 private DEPRECATED. replaced by how-we-organize
sysadmins 10 2022-03-25 private We manage the website, email & other digital stuff. Request new lists & addresses here.
discuss 91 2022-03-25 public General miscellaneous logistics & discussion - HIGH VOLUME!
DIYcomms 1 2020-08-15 private Safety for DIY Spaces - Working Group - Communications
DIYvolunteercoordination 1 2020-12-02 private Safety for DIY Spaces - Working Group - Volunteer Coordination
omninonymous 4 2015-03-03 private support for the sobriety-challenged
kitchen 33 2021-05-17 public
pyre 5 public reboot_civ
riseup-omni-announce 0 2014-09-09 private Archive of our old Riseup list "omni-announce"
buildingbloc 25 2017-06-29 public a new collective for all who love omni and want to help it thrive!
omniwellnessleague 11 2015-07-26 public DEPRECATED - Omni Wellness League (formerly Backspace)
anthro 13 2016-01-30 public writing culture, writing omni, multimedia and collaborative ethnography of the omni!
volunteers 60 2021-08-14 private For announcing volunteer opportunities!
mutualaid 17 public coordinating mutual aid efforts in crisis scenarios
firstfriday 15 2016-04-01 private Bringing Omni to Oakland's First Friday every month!
hauntedhouse 12 2016-07-24 public Turning the Omni into a haunted house on Halloween!
DIYconstruction 1 2020-08-15 private Safety for DIY Spaces - Working Group - Construction
consensus 96 2022-03-25 public Making & discussing proposals to the delegates. This is the MOST IMPORTANT list. Delegates must read this list!
Gws 15 2018-12-03 private Mailing list for Global Women's Strike - Omni Collective
DIYlegal 1 2020-08-15 private Safety for DIY Spaces - Working Group - Legal
riseup-omnicollective 1 2014-02-06 private Archive of our old Riseup list "omnicollective"
gather 17 public DEPRECATED - monthly Gathers of the Omni community - food, music and dance
announce 909 2018-08-30 public Omni Commons Announcements
DIYhelp 0 2022-03-23 private Safety for DIY Spaces - address for general inquiries
donations 9 2021-02-04 public For requesting and granting approval of material donations to the Omni Commons
welcoming 28 2020-11-23 public Making the Omni Commons inclusive, accessible and welcoming!
DIYfinance 1 2020-08-15 private Safety for DIY Spaces - Working Group - Finance
comms 29 2022-03-23 private Communications Working Group
medics 22 2018-03-29 public People interested in medic training
fundraising 48 2022-03-22 private making money $.$
scuttlebutt 8 public subscribe to neighborhood mailing lists here (high volume)
riseup-omnifinance 1 2014-10-01 private Archive of our old Riseup list "omnifinance"
collabazaar 6 2016-02-26 public DEPRECATED: coordinators of omni's bi-monthly bazaars
opencircle 60 2018-12-03 private DEPRECATED: support circle for those affected by police brutality and allies. 4th sundays!
Coopstudy 2 public
TheVillage-announce 12 public public announcements for the village
housing 44 2017-06-29 private Where will we live? Trying to address the housing crisis.
riseup-omni-governance 0 2014-09-06 private Archive of our old Riseup list "omni-governance"
bhcl 30 2017-06-24 public DEPRECATED - Black Hole Collective Labs
riseup-omni-cdc 1 2014-10-01 private Archive of our old Riseup list "omni-cdc"