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These notes are incomplete - please feel free to add to them!

Random Notes / Questions

  • How does a collective of collectives operate?
  • Music collectives?
    • Would need extensive soundproofing
  • Smaller office space?
    • Definitely possible
  • How to mediate conflict?
  • Visioning
    • Everyone gets a 2-minute slot to speak to the topic at hand

Representative Groups of the Meeting

  • Oakland Nights Live
  • Sudo Room
  • Public School
  • Counter Culture Labs
  • Small Press Traffics

Other Potential Groups

  • CorpWatch
  • Groups along San Leandro & High in E Oakland



  • Distance from BART
    • Wheelchair-accessible buses from BART
    • Inevitable trade-offs - what are we getting in exchange for distance? Huge space
  • Temescal is a very upper-class, white neighborhood that's rapidly gentrified
    • This area where we are now is rapidly gentrifying, more so than Temescal
    • Space itself is largely ADA compliant
    • There are lifts that can be installed in a staircase that are affordable to build
    • Think of the long-term: We could sell this for much more, and move somewhere else in 5 years
  • The area near MacArthur BART has a good deal of crime

Action Items

  • Look into any pre-existing inspection records [ask tmrw at mtg] - Jenny
  • Reach out to invite other groups to the next mtg or an ad-hoc mtg with some of the core organizers - Everyone
  • Begin brainstorming on our values & guidelines
  • Homework Assignment: What are 5-10 groups you would like to see share this space? -Everyone
  • Make a video to promote
  • Make a presentation for other potential groups - David
  • Get folks to create User Pages on the Wiki to encourage short bios, visions and values - Jenny


  • "A culture of agency and activation - to really feel that we are actively, bodily, joining together in the work of creating a genuine shift in how we view our abilities to shape the world through our actions."
  • "education and architectural (experimental and functional) construction in the space."
  • "I would like an emphasis on social justice to guide the ethos and collective of the collective inclusion of standards (?)."
  • "I can't yet answer this question."
  • "Radical intention and simplified structure, changing structure, simplified logistics, less groups."
  • "Non-judgmental, truly open and welcoming. Creative, artistic."
  • "space is participatory / ...money doesn't rule the day / ...is in solidarity with groups looking to aquire space without capital, through reclamation and direct action etc; / ...considers the needs of individuals and small groups / ...is welcoming and inviting."
  • "Anticapitalist, pro-reimagining the world through creating tangible alternative models [and support when they fail and require iteration]."
  • "A sense of joy and excitement in our collective work; dedication to working for the common good."
  • "A space that facilitates interconnection and collaboration between a diverse range of creative anti-capitalist collectives."
  • "Radical generosity; the ability to exercise it with great abandon; the opportunity to be selfless."
  • "A space for radicalized collectives - in all kinds of different ways."
  • "EXIST"
  • "The dedication to such a space be not limited by the physical walls that contain it. The concept of an open society allowing a synergy with and without walls to occur within and without the community."
  • "An Autonomous Anomolous Anticapitalist (Non)University made up of a plethora of incredible projects constantly exploring and celebrating our diversity of roots and ideas / and their confluences / with free food / love / & make the gov't scared."
  • "Innovative autonomy / wild hybrid liminality / non stop talking / questioning all existing principles / fundamentally, an illusion of fixed ground to commit to perpetual motion in ____ company, and to ____, offer an invitation to the wider world about a laboratory to completely transform what we now know as the unwanted _____ _____ they ______."