Event:2014/02/06 Bootstrapping Meeting

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  • David
  • Max
  • chloe
  • ali
  • fraita
  • malkia
  • ardeen
  • jamie
  • stphen
  • hale
  • owen
  • jlremy
  • joel
  • sparrow
  • nico
  • noemie
  • swarve
  • david
  • sara
  • olive
  • ardeen
  • cassie
  • ian
  • matt


It was a social club for italian american sewage workers. Then a rock club, then a shutdown rock club.

The floor plan is shown. David says "its a really big space many times". It's been unchanged since 1995, so the graffiti is well preserved.


  • Plan A

It would cost $1.95M, and would finance it himself, if we come up with $750,000. There is someone who might help with that much money, but they want us to raise *some* of the cash ourselves. Also a landtrust could help us. That would mean $9,500 - $11,000 mortgage

  • Plan B

Lease to own. But that is high option.

  • Plan C.

Just lease $13,000 plus "Triple Net"

Current Interesets

  • BAPSast
  • Sudo
  • timeless infinet light - publishing collective
  • oakland nights live
  • salta plus - dance - hosting classes and perfomance
  • low light - a darkroom
  • screenprinting collective
  • housing collective (very separated)
  • Spokeland?
  • Wild soul?
  • Cafe/bar/bookstore (would need to be made)?
  • Hackerspa
  • "BAD" - "Bitches for Absolute Destruction" - Feminist collective - facili*cating ass-beating, breeding
  • somebody into fighting
  • propaganda collective
  • counter culture labs
  • hackerspa - a spa/coworking space

Last Meeting

David Brazil wrote a proposal about how we could operate. It would be a collective of collectives, with one representative per group.

Q and A

  • comment - not "how can my collective use the space" but "how can we make more usable space"
  • What type of building work?
  • Permitting? We can have a "Gilman style" club under certain constraints. We could open up a private club, or a rock club, but the parking situation has changed since 1986, so we have to repetiton and its political. Cabaret license would have to come later, where we are open til 2am most nights of the week. But we can have occaisonal monthly events already.
  • Is this just a space to rent, or a radical collective?
    • David - no, absoultely this is a post-occupy movement that's about providing to the community.I wrote this letter.
  • Salta - can we have a rotating delegate to the omni?
    • David - yes, its a spokescouncil model, so that wouldn't be a problem, plus we can make the council how we want it.

Last Phase

  • Re-pledging our money and delegates.
  • Public school - $1000 -