Event:2014/02/13 Omni Delegates Meeting

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In Attendance

  • Timeless Infinite Light
  • Salta / Peppa (acronym?)
  • Lowlight Photo Collective
  • Sudo Room
  • Oakland Nights Live (ONL)
  • Bay Area Public School (BAPS)
  • Bookstore / Cafe Collective

How often do we meet / when do we meet again?

  • Weekly meetings (1 hr 2 times a month, 2 hrs once a month)
  • Meet 1st, 2nd, 4th Thursdays - Next meeting February 27th @ 7:30pm
  • Bring a draft of vision statement for Collective of Collectives to next meeting

Project Timeline

  • Create a central repository for information on the space (wiki)
  • When do we need to have formed a structure / organization?
  • David to write up a narrative on the space, permits, current status, etc.
  • Outer bound for determining if we move into the Omni: 3 months from now
  • We can begin to advertise the project - what info can we make public?


  • Do we raise money as one single collective or as separate collectives?
  • What types of fundraising efforts can we agree to pursue?
  • Opening a Collective bank account? Who opens? Where?
    • Do we need to incorporate? What about a fiscal sponsor?
  • 39k to rent the space (first, last and deposit) w/ guarantors
  • 65k to rent w/out guarantors
  • Revenue source for purchasing space is off the table
  • What is the messaging? Do we need multiple versions of messaging?
    • Continuing Education vs. Community Center
  • Applying for grants?

Structure for information transparency

  • use mailing list to accumulate information on the project
  • Who is allowed in the delegate meetings? In what capacity?
  • How is power structured? How do we make decisions/ get things done?

Note taking in Meetings

Agenda Items still to be Discussed

  • How do facilitate meetings
  • Paying the Lawyer (how do we split this up?)
  • Does umbrella group want to incorporate?
  • Collectives who are not represented - reach out
  • Concrete next steps for moving in to space
  • Seeking leadership from people of color

Action Items to be completed by next mtg

  • Vision Statement / Value / How we envision the space being used
  • Provisional timeline / next steps
  • Budget and / or Revenue Model / Shared Resources
  • Research on Organizations who could provide capital / guidance / counsel
  • Research Incorporation for Collectives of Collectives
  • Invite lawyer to next delegate meeting?