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* we should implement the schedule aspect more
* we should implement the schedule aspect more
** in particular, have a big open meeting where the public is invited
** in particular, have a big open meeting where the public is invited
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Omni Delegates meeting March 6, 2014 7pm


Present : Niki (Bookstore/Cafe), Joel (Timeless Infinite Light), Yar (Sudo Room), Sara (OMNI-TANZ), David K., Jeremy (Oakland Nights Live), Andrew (Hacker Spa), Casey (Spokeland), David B., Kazoo (Screenprinting), Dragon (Hacker Spa)



  • Spokeland rep wants to know when could they expect to move in?
  • Our timeline is still to have funds and clearer answers by May


fusing our value statements into somethings short

  • fundraising message / strategy
    • do we raise money from private doners and then crowdsource publically?
    • MINIMUM TO MOVE IN : $39,000 (negotiable?)
    • MONTHLY RENT : $13,000(negotiable?)
    • DK: Provides brief recap of current situation
      • rundown of groups involved, financial picture
      • we need to decide on the financial model
    • if say, AK Press fundraises more money than anyone else, do they get more power?
    • buying a building is sexier fundraising than renting one
   PUBLIC SCHOOL : $1000
   CAFE :          $1000
   OMNI-TANZ :     $1200
   ONL :            $250
   SUDO ROOM :     $2000
   HACKER SPA :    $1500 - $2000
   SPOKELAND :     $1000
   TIL :           $1000
  • bylaws to file in sacramento
    • DK: incorporating should be our first priority
    • lawyer will be available on the 13th (next thursday)
    • copy sudoroom's bylaws, especially conflict resolution
    • no objections to legally incorporating - we all agree this is the way forward
    • Can we download boilerplate bylaws / less specificity with regards to what gets filed with the space
    • bylaws should be as limited as possible
    • or rather, we shouldn't take them seriously

other stuff

  • Kazoo describes screenprinting project working with people who have been formally incarcerated
  • David puts for suggestion to host Sylvia Federici event at the Omni
    • March 22nd
    • Andrew cautions against making landlord feel taken advantage of
  • outreach
    • Create a one-sheet to present to people on the building / project / vision
    • Create one sheet to present to public on the project: Niki, Sarah, Kazoo, Joel
    • domain name for web presence
  • Bill from lawyer ~$900. Will need to be paid in about a month.


  • Omni
  • Radial Collective
  • Building Bloc
  • The Common(s)

Set up a poll, give everyone access

approve process document