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Omni Delegates meeting March 13, 2014 7pm

Check-in / Intros

In attendance: Yardena, David B, David K, Joel, Jeremy, Sarah, Niki, Phil

David K: Facilitator Joel: Timekeeper

Results of name poll

  • in a pinch we wrote down "Oakland Commons Collective" during the planning meeting
    • for the corporation, not necessarily the building
  • the online poll results: Omni (9) Commons (7) Building Bloc (5)
  • all delegates at the meeting are saying we like Building Bloc for the corporate name and the poll was for naming the building (?) and/or the results are invalid because that distinction wasn't clear (?)
  • there is some confusion and ambiguity
  • Niki moves that we just choose a name in formal capacity right now
  • We unanimously vote to name the CORPORATION "Building Bloc"
  • yar hates to be that person but asks "is there a 'the'"? the answer: NO
  • DK recommends "Building Bloc Collective" as it is more legally unique

later on, we rejoin the debate over the building name

  • Call it the omni?
  • omnicollective.org is taken
  • Omni Oak?
  • DK proposes:
    1. call the building and the project The Omni
    2. register omnioakland.org
    • Joel thinks group & building need the same name
    • Phil agrees
    • Sarah also agrees - difficult to have two different names
  • DK proposes our legal name being Omni Oakland, revising our previous decision
  • yar is reluctant but consents. it's unanimous.
  • The Name = The Omni
  • Legal Name of Collective of Collectives = Omni Oakland
  • We will seek the URL : omnioakland.org



DK: we don't have to file bylaws until we file taxes

LLC vs nonprofit

  • Sarah: do we incorporate as LLC / 501(c)3 / etc?
  • DB: visionary differences?
  • Niki: we should ask our lawyer
  • DK: LLC has a lot more agency wrt money - where it comes from, what you do with it
  • Phil: nonprofits can spend on anything actually. two corps (one for-profit and one not-for-profit) in tandem.
  • DB: nonprofit == spiritual death
  • yar: our job is to die spiritually so tenants don't have to
  • Niki: LLC requires ownership
  • Andrew: LLC does protect its members
  • DK: Sudoers say board members aren't protected. nonprofit means less taxes. also helps our relationship with the city. pragmatic.
  • Andrew: is this about 501c3 later on?
  • Yar: That's one reason for incorporating as Cal State Non-Profit
  • DK: yes, being a CSNP absolutely helps on many fronts
    • non-franchise tax board
    • recognition
    • this is just a property holding company
  • Andrew: does this actually exempt us from the $800/year fee?
  • DK: it exempts us from property taxes if the city or county (?) helps
  • Sarah: Important to have a conversation about what it means politically to incorporate as a Non-Profit vs. LLC after talking to Lawyer

Potential New Terms of Move-In

DK: account of $$$ prenegotiations with landlord. off the record.

OMNI Event March 22

DK met with Omni owner to discuss possibility of hosting BAPS event on 03/22 @ Omni

  • Planning Meeting: Monday, March 17, 7pm @ Black Spring Coffee (30th & Telegraph)
  • We have the space from 4pm to 12midnight
  • Silvia Federici, Peter Linebaugh & George Caffentzis : 7pm to 9pm
  • BAPS events are "free of charge and free of solicitation"
  • we should abide by BAPS rules since it's a BAPS event
  • so it's not a fundraiser - open house?
  • Saturday night around the corner from the Anarchist Book Fair
  • TBC at planning meeting
  • what are the goals and metrics for success?
  • we should have tables

One-Sheet Review

need to revise it to say the new name, Omni Oakland


  • NEXT MEETING : Thursday, March 27, 7PM @ 2141 !
  • ACTION ITEMS: send joel content for website
  • Niki: Make The Omni Oakland Facebook Page
  • Joel: Website!