Event:2014/03/27 Omni Delegates Meeting

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Check-in / Intros

David gives brief intro on project:

  • barriers to entry
  • incorporation / 501c3 fiscal sponsorship
  • meeting process
    • only delegates have voting powers
  • how to become a part of the collective of collectives
    • express interest, delegates vote
    • money is not the most important part of involvement; groups that can't contribute financially are not excluded from participation
  • fundraising / financials
    • committed groups: $9500 in monthly rent
    • crowdsourcing fundraising campaign
      • (video in production)

Voting on new collective membership:

  • CCL: citizen scientists / diy biologists - Passed
  • Tooth: motion picture film production lab - Passed

Betsy from Long Haul / Co-Housing Collectives offers to help w/budgets and vision statements / priorities

what are our next steps?

Proposal: Passed

  • Target Dates
    • May 1st - negotiate
    • June 1st - target move-in

Fundraising / Financial Plan

  • Schedule a separate meeting

Paying the laywer

  • DK to send out amount owed by each collective to list

Add new collectives to delegates mailing list

Add new collectives to website

event takeaway

the will be the most awesome project!

are we legal now?

Need to submit paperwork for non-profit incorporation

do we have a website now?

we do! http://www.omni-oakland.org/ (omnioaklandcollective.org redirects there, as well!)