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NOTETAKER : db, yar, niki
TIMEKEEPER : margit, sort of
PRESENTLY RECOGNIZED COLLECTIVES : Bay Area Public School, Sudo Room, Timeless Infinite Light, Livespace, Hacker Spa, Oakland Nights Live, an unnamed film-processing collective, La Commune Cafe & Bookstore, Peak Agency and Counter­Culture Labs.
DELEGATES PRESENT : Abby (LiveSpace), Jeremy (ONL), yar (Sudo), David (BAPS), Owen (La Commune), Andrew (Hacker Spa), Joel (TIL), Ahnon (CCL), Danny (Peak Agency)
OTHER ATTENDEES: Danny, Felipe, Niki, Margit, Claiborne, Ryan (FNB)


financial update

  • ~5k in bank
  • still not sure about salta's money
  • donation to cover in-the-door cost likely to happen
    • (figuring out legal difference between gift & donation)
    • awesome!
    • "we're talking about days rather than weeks"

Paying Our Lawyer

  • still 2-300 needed
  • proposal #1: to pay this from our bank account
    • 7 of 7 delegates yay, unanimous consensus
  • proposal #2: reimburse groups that paid out of pocket
    • 7 of 7 delegates yay, unanimous consensus

Putting Money in the Bank

  • i.e. having reserve capital - move-in could be soon (June 1)
  • each collective should have a conversation about this
  • what's keeping us from opening a bank account?
    • incorporation paperwork is still in the mail
    • our money is still in niki's personal account

Livespace Rent

  • they want the disco room but can't have it while owners live there
  • how much can they pay with or without disco room?
  • total in-the-door cost is still ~$45k?
    • 5k existing
    • +30k possibly donated
    • +10k still to raise
  • we can still make rent with livespace paying less
  • 3 months = june/july/august?


  • we need a pro-bono accountant - ask your CPA friends
  • ensure lease is taken by the non-profit proper
  • no parking waiver updates yet
    • build lots of bike parking, then say so
    • it's all human relationships and politics


  • We All Have To Do It
  • reaching out to "groups with more poc"
  • gauging interest from those with vested interest, e.g., anti-gentrification policy and program organizations
  • "needs to not feel like a white space"
  • the website communicates a white space
    • send joel more pictures more reflective of the diversity of our communities
    • joel can take pictures
  • DEC
    • shared google drive full of copy
    • it's a pdf file to share with people by email
  • we're working on outreach material independently, to be merged
    • "there's a lot of clay on the wheel"
  • beyond purchasing, what about maintaining the building?
    • we've been saying "rent" when we actually mean all costs
    • we won't actually own it for a while
  • outreach committee to meet/work/collaborate together
    • setting a time after the meeting
    • all committees should have diversity as a priority?
    • should also have a committee just for diversity

New Collectives

Peak Agency

  • acknowledging awkward precedence of being first proposal "after last week's edict"
  • helps groups raise money (crowdfunding etc)
  • could pledge $250-750 near term, $1-1.5k long term
  • they will have meetings with whiteboards
  • they want to help build rooms like that to make the HUB irrelevant
  • vote: 8 of 8 delegates yay, unanimous consensus

Food Not Bombs?

  • not yet
  • but they're fine with their name being on the website

we need an info-sheet describing the group onboarding process

spaces being free

  • clarify that any hub-like "coworking space" should be free
  • further clarify that spaces don't have to be free, but can "be available for free"

do more outreach to groups that don't need lots of dedicated physical space but still want to be a part of it

vision statement


  • find accountants
  • each collective sends Joel pictures and other media/assets that reflect the diversity of our communities
  • schedule the outreach material committee meetings

next week's agenda

  • scheduling/space-sharing model?
  • delegate accountability?
  • spaces being free, access/revenue models

separate dedicated meeting

  • vision statement / values