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https://pad.riseup.net/p/omninom April 24th Delegates Meeting (1 hr)

Introductions 10 min

  • Attendees
    • Nick (bookstore); Joel (TIL); Zach (TIL/CAMO); Margit (Live Space); David (BAPS/Sudo); Ahnon (CCL); Dragon (bodywork & massage); Anna (BAPS); Jose (BAPS); Jenny (Sudo); Jeremy (ONL); Ellen (FNB); Andrew (Hacker Spa); Niki (Bookstore/BAPS); Kathleen (CAMO); David BZ (BAPS/Bookstore); William (self-represent!); RyanJ (sudo); Brel (fundraising! teacher);Daniel (Sudo)

Old Business 10 min

  • delegate accountability?
    • What's this for? -- A reference to the responsibilities of the delegates to take the proposals and new ideas back to their collectives, and add more time for deliberatoin.
      • for instance, there were some decisions made by the omni delegates that were not brought back to the sudo room, so there was no chance to provide feedback on that process.
    • IMPORTANT: Adding new collectives to the group (need a week to let collectives be notified of application), etc.
    • Proposal: Any delegate may table a decision for one week, after which point it will voted on
  • spaces being free, access
  • revenue models
    • What are the shared spaces? What's the level of access - eg; open so long as a member's in the space - for each of the spaces?
    • Bring proposals to the meeting wrt revenue models.
    • Revenue-sharing model for enabling profitable groups/collectives to subsidize the rent for other non-profit-based collectives
    • Renting out the ballroom for events
    • Take existing financial model and submit modifications

Check-In / Updates (10 min)

New Business 20 min


  • Contemporary Art Museum of Oakland (CAMO, baby, it's all good)
    • Decorating the walls of the common space; booth-sized open studios representing an artist-in-residence who would produce a small show; curatorial collective that may promote an artist-in-residency
      • May just use the walls - thus not large space requirements
      • Proposal: Conditional upon any feedback from member collectives until the next Omni Collective meeting, CAMO is accepted as a new member of the Omni Collective.

New Wiki

Governance / consensus

  • If a vote is called, any delegate may move to table that vote for one week in order to bring the matter in question back to their group, with the understanding that any vote thus tabled will be voted on, without further delay, at the next meeting of the Delegate Council. Admission of new groups to the collective of collectives must always be referred back to the individual collectives, to be voted on without delay at the next meeting of the Delegate Council.
    • CONSENSO!!
    • Niki: Omni delegate meeting with Jesse Palmer?
    • Working group to translate that advice to concrete changes to the bylaws/Articles - David Keenan volunteers to bottom-line
        • Add content to wiki
        • Convene (when?)
        • Conflict resolution and the consensus process - eg; after two meetings and no consensus, move to majority
      • Danny's spoken with Sarah Kaplan (SELC), Dan Breitman (Real Estate), Jill Herschman (bookkeeping)

Space allocation

  • How is the space layed out? Who goes where? Not clear. How do we find this out?
    • Potential agreements with landlord for phased move-in over 3 months
    • Put space needs on the wiki here:
    • Build a reservation system for the common space
    • What working groups have been tentatively proposed?
    • They are 4 (so far): communications; governance; legal & financial; space and operations (Ahnon)
    • Also necessary: a board of directors
    • scheduling/space-sharing model?
      • Which spaces are generally open spaces (outside of the ballroom)?
      • Reservation of the ballroom


  • Bank Account
    • Western Federal Credit Union in Oscar Grant Plaza
    • Business accounts are few and far between for credit unions
    • Need co-signers, asap.
    • Interested in co-signing : Niki, Quick, Joel, Jenny, Cere
  • Lawyer Fees
  • Proposals?
    • Deposit
      • +- $30,000 - $39,000
      • We won't know until we come to the negotiating table
    • Minimum : $39,000
      • Membership-contribution model
      • Alternative revenue models [Zach Houston]

Rename Omni Collective

  • Omni Commons
  • Omni Oakland Commons
  • Omni Commons, Oakland California
  • Commons Omni
  • Unit One


Next Meeting's Agenda

    • Board of Directors
    • Bank Account access (and accountability)

Action Items

  • Send bylaws & Articles of Assoc. & associated legalese to the omni list [Niki] ( http://wiki.omni-oakland.org/w/Governance )
  • Change the Foundation Document [David Brazil] -- DONE.
  • Email a link to the wiki with legalese [Niki]
  • Work with David Keenan to help delegate as part of the LEGAL TASK FORCE [Andrew]
  • Respond to wiki questions [All!]
  • Review the bylaws [everyone]
  • Check in with your collectives about CAMO [everyone]
  • Helping folks with the wiki [Jenny]
  • Help Patrik with space task force [Ahnon]
  • Devise a form for new potential collectives to fill in & submit [Margit & Danny]
  • Governance issues [David]
  • Everything people have said [Everyone]
  • Check in with LiveSpace [Margit]
  • Inclusion / Diversity Meeting -- inquiries welcome [Margit]
  • Communications Committee hosting [Joel]
  • Joel hosting Communication committee @ the Speakeasy Tuesday @ 7
  • Check in with your group about everything [everyone]
  • Write up an application for CAMO [Zach Houston]
  • Email about name change [David K.]


  • LEGAL / GOVERNANCE[David K./ Andrew]
  • FINANCIAL [Andrew / Danny]