Event:2014/05/12 Communications Committee Meeting

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  • Monday, May 12 @ 7pm @ 2141 Broadway (Public School Room)


  • Update from Challenging Dominant Culture Working Group
    • Hold the next meeting, and future meetings, before the Omni Collective's weekly meeting, from 5pm-7pm
    • In terms of communication:
      • The meeting is the primary existence of the Omni Collective right now, and to focus on it as such.
      • Take materials that were started last Thursday and translate them into plain English, and other languages, like Spanish.
      • Translate out of communique and in to the heart of it, underneath, more precise language.
    • Plan to be conscious and imagine something Thursday, and how the work of the communications group can fit in.
    • Specific folks in the Challenging Dominant Culture group intend to get directly involved with the communications group.
  • Website
    • What are we finished with?
      • Language (very simple, truthful)
        • Made a lot of progress
      • Assets are finished
      • NOT DONE - Collective's statement, basic info
        • Name, header sentence, description paragraphs, "status", "contact", website URL, and updates for collective's wiki page, optional image(s).
        • example: http://oomni.github.io/bhc.html
    • Feature Requests:
      • Multiple languages
        • Ask for translators for non-english
      • Change the gallery into a grid
      • Change the calls to action ?
      • Add member content
      • Improve Donation experience
        • Create a landing page for donations, include omni-oakland.org/donate
      • Update text based on language session (ask Jenny for source?)


  • First duty is to knock out a website and press release by Friday
    • changed "press release" to community messages, primarily over email
    • pressure for website is a bit less of a rush at moment, but we're going to proceed to stand up a basic site, to coincide with move-in announcement
    • in parallel, start engage in longer-term community design process, which entails:
      • Send a call for participation for on-going, open call for general omni-based design inspirations (not just the website).
        • In particular, our first call is for Monday, 5/19, please send designs, examples, or anything that speaks to you, and a few sentences why!
      • Intention is over time to come up with some more polished designs later on down the line, TBD.
  • Solicit more FAQs
  • Build curriculum for communications, and implement that curriculum.
  • IT infrastructure

Action Items

  • Elaine to get info for each member page:
  • Joel - send announcement of "call for participation" as described above && also add ask for translators
      • Internal Communications
  • Everybody - finish language for website, due 5/13
  • Matt - finish site functionality, due 5/13
  • Open discussion at next Omni Collective meeting.
    • Now that we have 700 ways to communicate with each other, we need to make some decisions, learn, listen, and get into good cultural practice for communication and collaboration!
      • What do we need?
      • What has been an issue?
      • What do we do to ensure needs are met?
      • How do we make communication with and within the Omni Collective an inclusive and empowering experience with levity and brevity at heart?