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=Also this:=
=Also this:=
Jordan creating a takestack script that announces time passing during turns!: https://github.com/yardenac/takestack
Jordan creating a takestack script that announces time passing during turns!: https://github.com/yardenac/takestack
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May 29 Delegates Meeting

say your name, pronoun, and favorite form of ice

Facilitator: David

Stack: Jenny/Yar

Attendees: David (he,ice9), Andrew (he,snowcone), Ahnon (she/ze,water), Zach (ze,water), jenny (she,crushed), danny (he,coffee), dan (he,booze), sarah (she,icebergs), jeremy (ice atmosphere), mara (she,shaved), tooth (pass,glacial),niki (she,snow), helen (she,daquari) joel (he,crushed), elaine, Gabby

Delegates: David (BAPS), Andrew (Backspace), Ahnon (CCL), Zach (CAMO), Jenny (Sudo), Danny (Peak Agency), Jeremy 9(ONL), Mara/Maryanna .(OMNIdance), Niki (La Commune), Helen (FNB), Joel (TIL)


lease (10 mins)


  • he wants one, even though he agreed otherwise
  • but david negotiated that away yet again (for 4 hours)
  • in exchange for him honoring his own contract, we will give him a $14k deposit
  • we will (probably?) be getting 1K back a month for 27 months
  • so 45k upfront
  • First month (10K) + Security Deposit (13K) + Last (13K) + 14K - the 5K we already gave him = 45K
  • will our deposit incur interest? not in oakland
  • in oakland you don't get interest on your security deposits


  • originally he agreed to pay up to 50k
  • "that has now gone down to 25k, because there's no guarantor"
  • only things we are REQUIRED to do by law
  • inspector recommended we prioritize:
    • electrical panel upgrades
      • (~2K, but John will pay for the main panel)
      • "i don't think john realizes how much this will cost"
    • sprinkler system
    • panic-bar doors
  • can we hire ourselves to do work?
    • loophole out of our matching cost
    • except totally legit
  • money john spends gets added to option to buy


  • they are open to leaving after 3 months (oct 1)


  • he wants at least one person to sign the lease
  • "what prevents every group from leaving the omni?"
  • he feels subleases aren't enough - at least some
  • groups that sign are jointly (not severally) liable for $$$
  • liability will be proportional to # of signatories
    • john agrees to language allowing us to add / remove new groups to the lease
    • concern raised that he possibly has the power to approve or deny
  • add into bylaws to limit the power of the lease-signing groups over other groups in the omni


  • he doesn't know about backspace's halving yet
  • DK put himself on it (?), might sign for backspace


  • maybe not tomorrow after all, he's not ready
  • maybe amend the letter of intent
  • maybe monday or tuesday


  • these terms are a big blow for us. can we push back?
  • DK disagrees. they talked about guarantor verbally while signing the letter of intent that didn't mention it
  • less than half the market rate of across the street
  • we'd have to sue to enforce the letter
  • he's had full cash offers on the building
    • legally he has to show proof? (Gaurav - I was wrong about this, he is not legally obligated.)


  • final draft is not available yet, can't consent on it
  • want to try to consensus on big issues addressed today:
    • 14k in lieu of guarantor
    • multiple signatories
    • 25k less in capital improvement contributions from landlord
  • straw poll?
  • we're gonna need a weekend "meeting"
  • consent over a campfire at jenny's house
  • delegates should also give everyone in our groups time to review it
  • official delegates meeting at jenny's house 3pm sunday [2704 Adeline St, Oakland]


  • gabby met with "temescal security alternatives"
  • don't tell anyone
  • counter-group against the private security crowdfunder people
  • stop temescal from becoming rockridge
  • there will be a 1-page letter to allies
  • want supporters for a march/action/etc


Lease Terms https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xsqENiuzkyEU7rDT7hZjmCxWUhA7KkFE7bNXZ6pcZOY/edit?usp=sharing

  • Concerns that the proposal is more about event booking than backspace
  • Q: How does Backspace fit into the Omni's mission?
  • We could be creative about this - eg involving other groups in collaboration that could pay some of the rent

working groups


  • Challenging Dominant Culture: Margit & Kazoo - Party Sunday @ 3pm, Next Meeting: Monday, June 9 @ 5:30-7pm @ 2141
  • Communications: Elaine & Jenny - Next Meeting: Monday, June 2 @ 7pm @ 2141
  • Finances: danny...
  • Legal Governance: niki? jenny, david k
  • Space Ops: [patrik nominated]

Future Groups:

  • Events Mgmt?
  • Building Administration / Logistics:
  • Focus on intercollectivity?
  • Values

Action Items

  • Send working groups calls for bottom-liners to our collectives [all delegates]
  • Send something to omni-announce next week?

next week


Also this:

Jordan creating a takestack script that announces time passing during turns!: https://github.com/yardenac/takestack