Event:2014/06/01 Legal / Governance Hackathon

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In Attendance:

  • Niki, David K, Sarah P, Maryanna, Zach, Alana, Matt S., Yar, Juan, Christoff, Shawn, Andrew, Danny, Jeremy, Sarah (Sudo), Ahnon, Ashley, Matt H.


Space Access

  • DK: Would like shifts provisionally
  • Matt: All Sudo assets are to be shared w/all Sudo members
  • Matt: Sleeping in the space more of a long term concern
  • Who has keys? What is the lock / key situation?
    • A member of each collective has a key
    • Zach volunteers to to be on call if people need access to the space
  • Have landlords requested a curfew?
    • No loud work is to be done after 11pm
  • How will we schedule meetings?
    • Need to set up a calendar
  • What are the "open hours"? What is the schedule of classes / meetings?
    • Instead of "open hours" (too vague - suggests open to the public) have "quiet hours" from 10pm - 10am
  • Proposal (passed with 7 delegates voting):
    • Quiet Hours are from 10pm - 10am
    • Member groups are responsible for access for their own groups
    • Two times during the day when people unable to gain access via their groups can get in: 12-1pm; 5pm-7pm
    • Zach "your neighborhood hermit" Houston available on-call to let people in
    • Lock up procedure for the end of the night: 2 people to sweep the space, turn off lights and lock all doors.
  • Standards (To be communicated to member groups):
    • Quiet Hours: 10pm - 10am
    • Landlords living here --> NO access to 2nd floor of building!
    • Experimental Interim --> We are not Open to the Public / Broadcasting to the world
    • Regular Meetings are every Thurs at 7pm. Please come with concerns / suggestions for improvements
  • Saturday's Event (EBPS Poetry Reading)
    • What can we do vs. what can't we?
    • Plausible deniability
    • Need Do Not Enter signs
    • Need to determine minimum requirements for event "membership"

Internal Governance

  • Should general building maintenance / administration be codified as a part of internal governance ?
    • We need to identify all common maintenance / administrative tasks
    • Proposal for an Admin task working group
      • Develop a list of skills people have / skill people would like to learn
  • Liasing w/ Landlord:
    • How many people / forms of communication?
    • Maryanna volunteers to spearhead committee to liase w/ landlord:
    • Team of 3 ppl: Identify who is responsible at any given time
    • Set up one email address for communication
    • Liasion is responsible for interfacing btw gropus and landlord

Safe Spaces / Conflict Resolution

  • We provisionally adopt Sudo Room's Safe Spaces and Conflict Resolution policies until a member of the group brings forth amendments / concerns
    • Sarah: It's important that we are intentional. We should put that on the CDC agenda
    • Matt: Check out Wiki for other Safe Space policies


  • Bylaws
  • Values