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  • Monday, June 2 @ 7pm @ 2141 Broadway (Public School Room)


Phil, Danny, Anthony, Claybourne, Jenny, David Keenan, Joel, Niki


  • logo
    • Joel has logo idea: "omni is like a galaxy & each collective like a little solar system inside that galaxy."--
      • versatility public campaigns:street teams
      • does it feel like it accurately reflects feeling & intention behind project?
      • feels kind of 'cold", cool & crisp. abstract.
      • good job joel!
      • could be more than one version, omni has many faces
      • establish a timeline for making a final decision
      • Omni Collective (interfaces w/state, administers building) vs. Omni Commons (the community itself)
      • "It was the only thing I could thing of that's big enough!"
  • Update from Challenging Dominant Culture Working Group
  • street campaign
    • to start getting our image out there
  • Website
    • feedback
      • creation/inclusion of combined calendar
      • does it reflect our identity?
      • add Blackhole cinema contact blackholecinema@gmail.com - done! ;)
      • Set a timeline for website launch?
    • could we look at a new domain? add domains
      • omnioak
      • omnicommons
      • omnioakland.xyz
      • ask owners of omnioakland.org
    • joel's going to make webkit versions of the various typefaces used by groups
  • reporter from EBX
    • no one really interested in doing this now
    • we'd be a brief mention among a bevy of groups that are _not_ like us
    • moving forward, the communications committee should be the press contact for omni-related interviews and articles
    • collective values will guide the way communications committee interfaces with media
  • Comms Inclusivity
    • wiki
      • call for feedback re: comms tools
    • outside of techinical tools: if we had working groups that were more active then email practive would follow.
    • knowing that working groups are holding themselves accountable for specific work would mitigate email chaos
    • email
      • the mailing list is overwhelming
      • danny suggests more working groups / working group meetings will trigger a subsiding of emails
  • "state of the omni" collective update for purposes of new members
    • what is a collective?
    • "we're a group of groups"
    • how do we describe ourselves this week?
      • Omni is negotiation the final version of our lease and hacking out governance structure, prepping logistics for move out/move in. Currently comprised of 12 collectives, still open to new members. If you want to get involved, ask in what capacity they would like to be involved, direct them to wiki, working groups, etc.
    • some people to prefer email and online interactions for becoming a part of something
    • measures of health - monthly report? on funds, occupancy, etc;
  • communications methodology (presented by Anthony)
    • rainbow groups: individual groups meet, then disperse into 'rainbow groups' with one representative from each of the individual groups.
    • delphi method: everyone has a notepad, brainstorms on it, then they're passed around and annotated. delphi boards go to a notetaker who puts them up in a visible place
    • forsyth
    • Deliberative Democracy
    • Art of Loving (Erich Fromm)
    • Unfolding the Napkin (on comprehensible presentations)
    • Ways to Vote: Many ways other than democracy
      • Simple Majority, Heavy Majority, Consensus
      • Approval/Disapproval Voting
      • Rank/Rating Voting
      • Vouching up
  • CCL: Can we announce the move to the Omni in the new Biocoder?
    • Maybe announce move to a "New Location" with a link to the CCL Website for more info / updates?
  • how to communicate new lease to member collectives
    • need to write up a TL;DR (too long, didn't read) summary for the groups, noting much of the lease details risks and measures to protect the landlord and addresses mainly worst case scenarios
    • talking abour the lease in terms of positive aspects, too, in addition to risks/liabilities
    • might be worth the effort to send this summary along with the list to various risk-mitigating factors
    • put lease in shared google doc that individuals can request access to (read-only w/open comments)
      • suggestion that there are several versions/layers 1. TL; DR "elevator speech" 2. detailed, redacted 3. full lease w/cover letter (presents context)
      • shared as a communications working group communique?
        • create a video as well as a written communique, for those who receive information in dif ways.
          • rather than NEED to know WANT TO know basis: retains transparency while minimizing vulnerability
    • must be careful to abide by what a nonprofit can and cannot do: http://www.idealist.org/info/Nonprofits/Mgmt4

Action Items

  • Anthony on comics!! - email oaklandthinktank@gmail.com
    • Add him to mailing list
  • Jenny making a webpage for CAMO
  • Niki to propose AORTA facilitation training at Thursday's meeting
  • Elaine will ask about setting a tentative launch date for new website at Thursday's meeting
  • Jenny to make a pie chart of mailing list participation
  • Set up new riseup lists for working groups
  • Add tasks / ways to get involved to "http://wiki.omni-oakland.org/w/ToDo"

Post-Meeting Teamups

  • Lease summary communique

Next Week

  • Who should we be trying to reach?
  • fundraising "in the meantime"