Event:2014/07/31 Weekly Delegates Meeting

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  • Facilitator: Jordan
  • Stack: David K.
  • Notes: David B.
  • In attendance: 30 people.Jesse(critical resistance),Jose,Mara(Omnidance) David B(Baps), Kevin(currently unafilliate but willing to help out), Judy (TIL), AL(Omni), Daniel(Sudo),Alan (Baps), Niki(various), David K(Omni), Deb, Amunda/Amgo, Scott(Baps), Jeremy(Sudo), Nico(Baps), Helen(FNB), Asa, Carly (FNB), Ahnon(CCL), Kathleen(Baps/CAMO), Alana(Baps), Jenny(Sudo), Matt(Attorney),
  • Delegates: David B. (BAPS), Steve (LA Commune), Mara (Omnidance), Helen (FNB), Andrew (Backspace), Jordan (Sudo), Kathleen (CAMO), CCL (Ahnon)
  • Quorum: yes

new groups / event proposals

Jesse from Critical Resistance:

  • Critical Resistance is based in Oakland, is dedicated to abolishing the prison industrial complex. Sometimes need to raise money to cover expenses (staff, campaigns, etc). CR is organizing a fundraising event on Sept 20th (looking for a venue). with Cece McDonald & Ruthie Wilson Gilmore.
  • Can we host? ADA access?
    • It would be an honor to host this event.
    • DK: One collective has to sponsor that but then it should be no problem. Timeline for ADA and fire is unknown by now. Maybe if we invest serious resources and Labor into that we can make it. [this is unrealistic --the editor]
    • yar from sudoroom will sponsor and liaison with jesse


  • paid $2800 of bills from john
    • includes two insurance premiums for the same thing (building/fire ins)

Proposal: splitting monthly bills

  • Monthly bills should be about $1k/mo
  • Paying groups (with present delegate): Sudo (Yar), Omnidance (Mara), La Commune (Steve), CCL (Ahnon), Backspace (Andrew), BAPS (DZ), TIL
  • Nonpaying groups (with present delegate): FNB (Helen), Peak Agency, Black Hole, ONL, CAMO (Kathleen)
  • Proposal: The 7 PAYING collectives above, until further notice, agree to equally divide the cost of utilities, taxes & insurance until further notice.
    • Should groups divide expenses more equitably? (ie: depending on how much they use)
    • Backspace isn't operation yet and not brining in income, would like to not pay anything through September
      • Other groups are also not able to bring in income yet, not just Backspace
    • Let's consider mitigations, solar panels, etc.
    • Can't tell collectives not involved in paying for utilities that they can't vote
    • Should be in place until we determine a new / better system
    • Maybe we should revisit in a month?
    • It's not ideal, if we think about common use, a better proposal would be to think about use of common spaces

Proposal: reserve fund

"Each collective who is able pays the equivalent of one month's rent in August."

  • PASSED: 8 Yes, 1 Abstention
  • The following collectives agree to pay an amount equal to rent in August: TIL, LA Commune, BAPS, Omnidance, Sudo
  • Backspace would like to abstain


"$500 reserve fund for emergencies, with a report on the disbursement at the next weekly meeting." (Unanimously passed)

  • Right now, people have to front money to pay for things and then ask for refunds
  • How do we determine what this discretionary fund pays for?
  • Suggestion of friendly amendment: at least 3 members present to approve emergency costs [this did not happen --other_editor]
  • Sounds like there's a desire for accountability, whoever withdraws funds should be required to speak to the need to spend funds
  • It's a basic business concept, petty cash. And our safety net should be more like $26K.
  • In the rest of the world, you pay your rent while you build out your space, get your permits, etc. People should, as an assumption, be required to pay rent.
  • Permits will need to be paid for

dump reimbursement

  • Proposal to reimburse people for trucking a bunch of stuff to the dump - PASSED

transformative justice exercise

Deb Jump: excercise on conflict

  • shame notes
  • unsent letter (write 'em)

End of 30 days to notify John

    • of any nonworking electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, lighting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems ("HVAC"), loading doors, sump pumps, if any, and all other such elements in the premises.

common email addresses

    • propose to establish separate lists for collectives / group rather than all communication going through the omnilogistics list

Scott: omni kitchen

  • Weekly Soup Seminar on Thursdays 4:30, all welcome, we make & share soup & you can too. We will also make a kitchen in which one can make soup. We need your help ! Be there !

omni bookshelves

  • La Commune moved some wooden bookcases from downstairs to upstairs. If anyone has concerns, talk to someone from La Commune

Working Groups

  • Upcoming Working Group Meetings
  • Working Groups that need new facilitators
  • Working Group email lists

Challenging Dominant Culture

Meets on Sat at 11:00am, weigh in on Safe Spaces Policy

  • 3 weeks running

Building Maintenance

Proposal for omni maintenance labors [?]

tentative proposal

  • Sudoer Daniel would like to propose hosting a solidarity brunch for a homeless mother of two sometime in September.


  • Let's organize agenda before next Weds night.

Next Week

ban reciprocity

"If the Omni Oakland Collective (or any of its member collectives) bans or suspends a person from their space for reasons of safety, that person is immediately and automatically banned from the entire premises of the Omni Oakland Collective, including all on-premise areas of its member collectives, groups, tenants, subtenants, and common areas."

    • Guy wants to rent office (Mailinglist)

Posting of Privileged Data

Status of wiki for privileged data?

  • We'd need to set up a separate, private wiki only current registered wiki users could access

Backspace Proposal (Andrew is on his way)

Long-Term Building Beautification Working Group

update from fire inspection

Legal / Governance Reportback

  • 3 weeks running
  • Proposal for new meeting format (Jenny)
  • Proposal Revision to Consensus Process:
    • New Voting Model
    • All votes called by the Delegate Council are subject to two rounds of voting. The first round passes by full consensus. If after friendly amendments and conversation full consensus cannot be achieved, the vote moves to a second round which passes by 2/3 majority. If this second vote fails to pass, the vote does not carry.
    • This amendment to our full consensus voting procedures is proposed in light of advice from radical comrades and colleagues who have seen groups and projects torn apart by bad-faith exploitation of full consensus voting. Our group's aim and aspiration will always be full consensus, and we will always work to make sure all voices are heard. In all of our work and decisionmaking together, let us always be guided by fairness, kindness, and justice.