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== Working Groups ==
== Working Groups ==
Space Operations and Communications have not been meeting and need bottomliners! Can we revitalize these working groups?
Space Operations and Communications have not been meeting and need bottomliners! Can we revitalize these working groups?
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  • Facilitator: Yar
  • Stack: David
  • Timekeeper: Joel
  • Notes: Everyone
  • Delegates: yar (sudo), scott (baps), niki (lc), danny (pa), joel (til), mary (ccl), margaretha (backspace), liz (omnidance), charu (FNB)
  • Quorum: Yes!
  • Vibe Reader: Margaretha


ice breaker question: something(s) you're scared of and/or hopeful for

  • yar / sudo (us hurting each other and falling into adversarial modes)
  • kevin (rejection & abandonment; another day)
  • joel / til (;natural light, us)
  • mary / ccl (bogged down in politics; synergy)
  • troy / sudo (acquiescence;)
  • margaretha / backspace (replicating dominant culture, being wrong, oppressive; alignment)
  • abby / omnidance (going around in circles and saying things; energy)
  • elizabeth (failure; this experiment)
  • david / baps/sudo/omni (; tolerating conflict, appreciating difference)
  • niki (anxiety, the amount of work to be done; so much, developing relationships, learning how to work through conflict)
  • scott (fast-moving clouds; the unknown we're pursuing)
  • kendra / baybucks (failure, esp. of an event in the fall; what we're doing)
  • danny / peak agency (snakes, rusty nails, incomprehensible things; embracement of difference, diversity of perspectives)
  • laura / baps (threatening behavior of those close to you; threading that needle)
  • rob / baps interloper (not being open enough to learn what needs to be learned, hopeful for learning those things)

new groups / event proposals

Rise Above

  • Update: Met with Gabriela yesterday and walked the building thinking about spaces. She prefers to have a radius of ideally 11' around her 6-screen press. A space in the basement, or possibly expanding the utility room could work (taking down or pushing back part of the built-up pony wall b/t the utility room & hallway from 48th; IE narrowing hallway). Also talked about making the part of the area by the walk in an area to powerwash screens - somewhere in this ex-backspace area we also need to install a mop sink for the cafe, so this could work.)
    • Excited about being the space still. Will submit a proposal with more concrete needs / contributions
    • Fear of tenancy vs. collective membership.
    • yar shares this fear and sort of regrets suggesting that a couple weeks ago
      • Proposal to have new tenants / members go through a 6 month probationary period after which we can review their membership
      • We can have require delegates to participate in the collective process.
      • Gabriella is a vital member of the Temescal neighborhood; would help futher dispel uninformed lore about the Omni

BACH unconference

  • Sudoroom wants to host an unconference in the ballroom October 18-19th, for the Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces
    • No objections


CASp inspection

  • $2500 one-time fee, details on logistics list (rescheduled inspection: this Tues 8/26 10AM).
    • Request that Hol, Jordan and Jim (our architect) be co-present if possible, as well as a contractor (Cep hopefully).
  • passes 8/8

lawyer bill

  • $1000/mo (was $500/mo) for 8 months to pay our $4k debt to Jesse, starting 9/1.
  • THIS PROPOSAL HAS BEEN REVISED from $500 TO $1000/mo. Four months is already a long time to at least agree to start paying one bill that is already past due. We will I believe likely need some of Jesse's services again soon with regards the $25K john will pay for, insurance language changes in the lease, and especially once we open to the public and not paying this bill effectively prevents us from accessing what has been a VITAL resource and not good to keep unpaid.
  • Note this proposal does not delineate which member collective is responsible for what portion of this bill. It simply states that he at least start being paid back by OOC.
    • some folks worried about paying too much at once, we have a reserve but don't want to spend it too aggressively
    • 4 months is already a long time, he's being hella patient
    • $500 passed 8/8
    • $1000 blocked: 3 yes, 1 no, 4 abstained
      • Request for finance committee to come up with a schedule - perhaps we should be prepared to pay off the balance if something comes up where we need Jesse's services.

paying David K. back

  • also pay back Steve orth $110 for purchase of fire code Sheetrock & sheetrock accessories.
    • Passed 8/8

scissor lift

  • ~$500/mo rental. Needed to fix fire code violations ASAP.
  • Also needed for electrical, painting, and maintenance work in every big room on the ground level, as well as exterior work on shattuck (removing billboard over windows) and sealing siding on south side before it rains.
    • Passed 8/8

overdue insurance bill

  • Pay D&O (Directors & Officers) liability overdue insurance bill past due: $601.00 (total: $1794/yr) - cancels 8/25
  • This is part of our liability insurance coverage, but is not from State Farm but rather Brignole & Ghiri. This covers legal expenses for officers/directors who may be named personally in potential suits against Omni. Unlike State Farm, this bill was not received in the mail and did not get paid. However, the insurance is active and the premium is due. We have to call them and pay over the phone ASAP. This is not a new expense, simply one we have not yet actually paid. If we do not authorize this expenditure tonight it will expire.
    • Passed 8/8

concrete surface grinder

  • Proposal: Buy a used, walk-behind (pushable) concrete surface grinder (7") currently on craig's list for $800 asap (normally retails for ~$2500). This is also really pressing / important for starting code work and opening areas to the public.
  • Needed for for prepping concrete floor for sealing in areas that require this asap
  • vs. estimated cost of rental: $100-200/day. Neeed it realistically for probably ~2 weeks, REQUIRED for prepping: behind cafe bar, downstairs kitchen, ccl (and sudo side of that room if they want to paint or seal their floor.)
  • Could also be used to clean and prep for sealing rest of concrete surface in the basement, which may be code-required for the offset press, planned darkroom, possible silkscreening station, and any other such uses.
  • CL ad link: https://monterey.craigslist.org/tls/4580546077.html
    • friendly amendment: authorize people doing the job to make the call and spend the money if they find it's needed
  • question: aren't most of these spaces groups' private spaces?
    • it's mostly CCL, the utility room & downstairs kitchen. 2 of those are community right now.
    • passes 9/9

niki cut a check to danny

  • niki: ok

partition removal

  • brought by La Commune, 8/19/2014
  • La Commune wants to remove the partition immediately inside the front door in the cafe. We understand that no permits are required for its removal, and we will do the work. We just want to make sure the Omni as a whole approves its removal.
  • passes 9/9

submit permit docs

  • Proposal: All member groups of OOC submit copies of all permits, licenses and associated applications pursued to the OOC so that OOC can ensure legality and compliance with the law, lease, insurance, etc. This includes all:
    • Land Use permits (Conditional Use Permits/CUPs, cabaret license, etc)
    • Business Licenses (liquor license, seller's license, etc)
    • Building Permits (electrical, plumbing, mechanical)
    • Health permits
  • "if you apply for a permit to sell alcohol, you should tell everyone else! we need to know!"
  • "same for electrical stuff, etc"
  • danny has ponderings about the intersection of permit & building maintenance working groups
  • is this a request for current documents, or a protocol for the future?
    • for the future, but it would be nice if you submitted all your docs now...
  • probably will keep this stuff in a file cabinet? (don't put this on the wiki folks... d'oh)
    • Passes 9/9
  • passes 8/8

building changes

  • Proposal: That all proposed changes, improvements or removal to the the building structure or even all large in-place fixtures be announced to the OOC via email and in OOC meetings prior to acting on those plans, to ensure that all extant use permits and occupany types remain compliant / unaffected.
  • Includes for example: changes/upgrades to walk-in fridge, stove grease traps, new plumbing/sinks, electrical wiring, wall/door building/removal.
  • lease already requires pre-approved contractor and technically 2 weeks notice for landlord
  • How far does this extend? do we need to give 2 week notice for paintng a wall? Grinding the concrete floor? I would propose this should only be required for anything that affects permitting.
  • reminder: we consented to make maryanna the liaison for our landlord for the time being, she takes responsibility for forwarding these proposals (in writing)
    • Passed 9/9

construction projects 'foreman'

  • Proposal: Cep M. as flexible 'foreman' for urgent construction projects needed for code compliance
  • Cep is an old friend of mine (David's) who basically knows everything construction-related, has a great deal of experience in the trades and is willing to be the 'foreman' of contruction projects urgently needing completion at Omni. What I mean by this is:
    • Cep can effectively spec, time-align and project manage the many construction tasks needing doing during the week
    • Show Omniers hands-on how to do everything needed, so we can do it ourselves
    • Check in on our progress during the week, and can commit one day a week to work on tasks that require a high skill level or help on anything urgent that is running behind schedule.
    • Is not a general contractor, but truly is a master carpenter/woodworker, accomplished metalworker, knows his way around electrical, plumbing etc and has many years experience in the construction trades
    • Is a phenomenally productive worker and generally awesome person
    • Can work for a very low rate and flexible on payment terms, trade, worktrade, etc. Will discuss remuneration at meeting
  • "would be awesome to have someone willing to be "ultra-part-time" and teach us things and show us how to do them"
  • "basically act as a person who can check on all of our tasks, and order them"
  • "will come in all day for $250, will come in on fridays and be in contact the rest of the week"
  • "he will be responsible for knowing everything and oversee the people doing the labor"
  • around $250/week until we open to the public but he's open to work-trade
  • "do we have to commit all this money in advance? will we be able to say 'he we don't need you today'?"
  • "lump sum or retainer?" "definitely not a retainer"
  • "do we need to sign a contract with him?" "no way" "so really we're just authorizing some $$ to pay someone in our community for doing some awesome work we really need" "yeah basically"
  • is he licensed contractor? no, just smart. "ok"
  • should this go through the working group? yes but it doesn't exist yet
  • specific proposal: authorize $1000 to pay Cep for the next few weeks
  • approved 9/9

agenda items by saturday

  • proposal by Governance Working Group [split apart from consensus change]
  • All proposals to the delegate meeting should be made 5 days in advance of the Thursday meeting by posting on the riseup pad and sending via email.
  • If it's not possible to make a proposal 5 days in advance, exceptions can be made for urgent items.
  • Delegates must review all agenda items and make a good faith effort to confer with their collectives prior to the Thursday meeting.
    • should it also require delegates have read all the proposals? "it already does" [cries of facetious derision] "it's ok i'm not a delegate"
  • criteria for urgency?
    • "if the deadline for something falls in between the weekly delegates meetings"
  • danny: does this exclude people from showing up at a first meeting and making announcements and stuff? kinda. goal is to make meetings more efficient. welcome to the omni process. :P
  • sudo values human judgement over bureaucracy - yar would abstain if this is binding because we'd just break it eventually. yar would vote yes enthusiastically if it's an advisory / suggestion / etc.
  • "is it framed as a guideline? yeah"
  • danny suggests "we try our best at this"
  • some amount of structure respects the different modes of communication people have access to / are comfortable with
  • modification: "proposals made 3 days in advance will receive privileged attention / be discussed first"
  • at the very least should this whole thing be advisory? 9/9 yes
  • making the whole thing mandatory, with these modifications for one month
    • passed 6 approved / 3 abstain

loan approval

  • PROPOSAL: All loans (no-interest only) over 10k w/a monthly repayment amount over $1,000/mo to be brought before the collective for approval. Debt cap of $100k.
  • so far we've just been accepting loans for people
  • how do you check from conflict of interest?
  • 9/9

ban reciprocity

"If the Omni Oakland Collective (or any of its member collectives) bans or suspends a person from their space for reasons of safety, that person is immediately and automatically banned from the entire premises of the Omni Oakland Collective, including all on-premise areas of its member collectives, groups, tenants, subtenants, and common areas. All such bans are provisional until considered by the omni delegates at the soonest available meeting time. Banned people may seek mediation, conflict resolution, and to have their voice heard by the delegates."

  • CCL wants every group to have an internal process for this
    • there will be situations in which we're forced to risk having a space vs the risk of someone being falsely accused for a week
    • CCL also wants a phone tree for emergency contacts
  • "this is just a kernel - it's a larger process"
  • voting
    • you all realize you're representing your collectives?
    • and that you're committing your collectives to honoring the bans of every other collective and of the OOC?
    • and that you are fully cognizant and confident that you can vote on this representing the wishes of all your groups?
    • YEP!!! passes 9/9

Board Secretary

  • still need one
  • danny taking over as secretary
  • passes 8/8

The meeting ended here at around 9pm. Things below were not discussed!


standing committees

The following two proposals are put forth by the Governance Committee. These are proposed with the intention to assure the basic functions of the Omni are addressed in Standing Committees, and that Working Groups can continue to form on as-needed bases. Additionally, these two proposals are intended to activate member collectives, build goodwill, and help alleviate those who are currently overworked.

forming them

  • Six Standing Committees are defined by the Omni. These are Communications, Governance, Fundraising, Finances, Facilities, and CDC. In order to meet the standards of a Standing Committee, each group must meet on a regular basis (self-determined by the group, minimum quarterly), and must be populated by a minimum of two people in order for OOC to continue to function.
  • Each committee needs one person who is the bottom-liner. Bottom-liners are responsible for making sure meeting times are announced publicly, that notes are distributed, and they are the contact person for their respective committees.
  • One person cannot bottom-line more than one committee (i.e., each committee should have a different bottom-liner). Bottom-liners are encouraged to rotate quarterly.
  • Other Working Groups are important and are invited to form and populate on an as-needed basis.

populating them

  • Each Member Group of the Omni will be required to populate at least 3 seats in at least 3 committees. Member Groups with more than 12 members will be required to populate at least 5 seats in at least 3 committees.

Delegating tasks to committees

  • proposal from the Governance Working Group
  • In order to avoid burn-out and more evenly distribute work, there is a clear need to delegate tasks that are currently being done by Niki and David (among others) to committees.
  • Once all committees have been populated, we propose to schedule a day/time for Niki and David to delegate tasks that could be done by committees to representatives of those committees.

split monthly costs equally by default

  • PROPOSAL: The following costs will be invoiced w/out consensus (all collectives will split these expenses equally unless otherwise agreed upon at the General Meeting): Rent, utilities, internet, insurance, taxes, basic supplies (not to exceed $50/mo - tbd by facilities working group)

discourage consensus blocks

  • proposal by Governance Working Group
  • Blocking is only to be considered in the case that a delegate believes that the proposal violates the mission of the Omni Oakland Commons or their collective's mission.
  • In the case that a delegate does not want to consent nor block a proposal, abstentions are allowed. Delegates can also request that the facilitator allow more time for discussion in order to reach consensus on any given item.
  • Governance will work with Sarah Larsen to incorporate general information on building consensus into the facilitation trainings in Sept.

Preparing to be Open

A collection of proposals from La Commune: http://wiki.omni-oakland.org/w/Preparing_To_Be_Open

  • Many Omni working group meetings, Public School classes and Sudo Room meetups take place between 6-10pm.
  • Sudo Room is open to the public 24/7 so long as a member is present.
  • It might be easier to actually propose a live-in building manager once the owners move out.
    • Re: live-in mgr; building is not legally zoned for residential barring a special CUP we would have to apply for, fire is far more strict for residential too, might change building use, needs to be researched
  • Consider adopting Sudo Room's language for all Omni Collective members: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Articles_of_Association#Article_5._Empowerment_of_members
  • Again, most groups' events, classes, workshops happen after 6pm. I think it would be confusing to put out the message that 'The Omni' closes at 6pm simply because La Commune intends to close its doors then.
  • Note: Among other complications, closing off access to the only currently-planned ADA-upgraded bathroom in the building (in the bar-room) may pose a problem for official daily 'public' access to anywhere else in the building during times the cafe may be closed or locked up, unless/until other bathrooms are also upgraded to ADA. May also be fire code complications (blocking means of egress from other rooms in the building). See logistics list for more infos on this.

6 month review

  • For the first six months, all projects will participate in the Omni collective on a trial basis. At six months, each group must re-submit its project to the collective for full membership to Omni. This will allow each project to demonstrate its participation in the Omni community, that it engages in the dialogue and decision making of the collective, that it pays its bills, that its values in practice line up with the Omni's founding vision, and that it is using the space in a way that has a positive impact on the collective and the larger community.
  • Maybe add this line: During this trial period the project would have the same voting/delegate rights as any other collective.


  • Need a plan. Frazee Paints? pedicabs? bike parking?

insurance loophole in lease

  • john could pocket building/nnn/fire insurance money in his name
  • need better subrogation waiver or really lease should be amended.


  • people litter outside
  • neighbors hate it, building's been cited before, it risks our permits!
  • who will pick up the litter every day?

improving meetings

see proposal here: http://wiki.omni-oakland.org/w/Event:2014/08/14_Weekly_Delegates_Meeting#improving_it

Working Groups

Space Operations and Communications have not been meeting and need bottomliners! Can we revitalize these working groups?