Event:2014/09/10 Ballroom Working Group

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Andrew, Scott, Olive, Maryanna, Oscar, David (sort of)

1) reviewed and adapted the Vagabond contract to work for renting the Omni Ballroom. We now have a contract!

2) New Bottom liner = Andrew

3) Getting a page on the Omni website so that people can easily contact us for events. Joel is helping out with this. Maryanna is getting the info solidified for that page. renting contact email: omniballroom@gmail.com

4) Omni Ballroom Operating Agreement. Started editing this document and will finish next week for review by the greater Omni community. Broke events up into two categories: Rented and Sponsored events. Rented events are folks from outside the Omni renting the space. Sponsored events are proposed by member collectives of the OOC.

5) Brainstorm = Omni Bingo!

6) Scott, Kevin, David and Andrew will coordinate and start collecting equipment for the Ballroom. Need secure storage for expensive equipment... maybe in the green room? maybe in a locked cabinet?

7) Oscar is researching where to buy new chandelier light bulbs.

8) Started negotiations with an event planner who is throwing a birthday party. This is tricky due to the scheduling snaffoo. Maryanna is trying to work it out.

9) Scott will write something us about space allocation and sharing for classes, music, play time, etc in the Ballroom

10) Next meeting Wednesday september 17th 6-8pm

11) Agenda items for next meeting

  • Making questionaire for sponsored events in the Ballroom
  • Finish Ballroom Operating Agreement