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  • Noemie, Matt and Jenny cleared the small room at the top of the Sudo stairs to be set up as the Optik Allusions editing room and storage
  • Liz brought in a lockable cabinet to store stuff. She and Noemie have keys, currently

Hayley would also like a key to store sound gear

we can create a checkout log

  • On Friday 10/3 at 6pm, Noemie is hosting a workshop on how to use the collaborative editing tool she has helped develop
  • Film night

First film night was on the 26th, common space downstairs, there's suggestions for next film night, made $8 in donations, roughly a dozen people attended. Mailing list to suggest films would be an idea. We can also have a fisical box where people can put papers with their suggestions. ... Film night went super well Around 12 people came two movies 8 dollars in donations for snacks for the next movie night Korl was gonna do a raffle for suggestions How about advertising outside of the Omni already existing community? Korl wants to make it a way to bring cohesion within the community. Helena: yeah but we're a radical community we should invite people from the outside. Joe: I'm trying to get the classes on village craft to be sponsored by baps and vice versa so that we get more. Korl might set up an email address that people can write to to suggest a film. A physical box in the omni + a mailing list! She could send an email to the mailing list to tell people what the written suggestions have been lately, to get a sense of which suggestions get the most enthusiasm Korl listed film night on the calendar, plans to get a mail box to receive film suggestions, also posted her email on the film night's wiki page for people to send submissions

  • grants.

We should come up with a budget. Field trip to The Fundation to learn about 990-money that entity makes about what they want to fund- (Ask Hailey). What can we get a grant for? We need to research Also need a 501c3 to recieve grant money (not necessarily that WE are a 501c3)

Patrick suggests that we use our friend Tree's non-profit, The No Penny Opera

Haley: It would be interesting to have a budget. I have a personal goal of spending more time at the foundation center. People form grants are going to help me. It might be a fun field trip. Helena: grants came up today. We are in a place where we should do research. What can we get a grant for. There needs to be a non profit that would accept the money on our behalf. Jesse can open source the grant applications of Hoop dreams's director! We'll start a document with all the documentation we find. Google drive folder.

Mission statement to become a collective

Sarah and Patick are working on it. 7 p pay 20 dollars Haley would pay 20 dollars if it gave her a voice in quorum, if she feels like she can present ideas to the omni. Our initial aim is to grab the room. It's more important to us to quickly achieve tenancy. We're aiming for tenancy but since there is no application for that so we want. Sarah wants to think about what the projects are.

Website and mail-list news

Website: Joe feels we should table it for after the kickstarter video. there are a lot of prerequisites to talk about. Let's wait for after the kickstarter video. We could get started on design. The mail list today has a new structure. Go to omnicommons.org/list we could have one within the omni. from a usability standpoint it makes us more visible to anyone who goes to omni.org We all want to do it, and Joe will make it happen!

Hayley's Project

Sketch comedy show about coops. Either a radio show or tv show or both. berkeley live is interested in hearing more. Haley made someone from sesame street but the idea would be to experiment it in slingshot. The collective would make decisions about what segments would go in. Experiment of having a process: with slingshot we have individual authors we don't have the collective writing for them but we also have acollective decision making process about how to make the paper, so we have a say on the discourse and how we want our publication presented. I envision it as a focus thinsg, a sketch comedy about housing coops. If the house decides as a group projects to do it, they could sit down an write it and we'd come to help them. It would be a team building exercise. Interact with each of these coops. And then present these lifestyles to the public. Having a metanarrative for each episode. It's hedged in conversations. Jesse: it could be cool if we did a 72 hour film festival. You'd be able to curate a set of content cohesive under whatever brief you make. Only a hour of the content. Noemie: we could use the collaborative editing tool i'm working on, do editathon we could use the model of place for a sustainable living. Maybe there would be an editathon. and then a concert! It might be like creating a cohesive hour long sketch comedy show. People could get a sense of the flavor. Insider jokes us laughing at ourselves. Sarah: are there other people involved or is it just your idea? Would this be part of the Optikallusions mission statement? Jesse: the fact that O.A. would curate syndicated content, that's mission statement worthy.

Omni fundraising video

  • bring extras? make facebook event?
  • Joe got a lukewarm reception at BAPS

Vampire Poetics said no

The chess club and Greek class plan to attend

  • Noemie also got very little response

talked with FNB, they said they will be cooking from 1 - 3:30pm, they will not cook later. Maybe have Francisco cook instead? Noemie would like to pass off communications to someone else 3 Omni Dance people have committed Quick (Sudo) has volunteered, needs follow-up Noemie would like to pass off the ballroom to someone else Patrick and Helena will coordinate the ballroom together

  • Joel estimates 4 people from TIL
  • Helena has 4 committed people
  • Hayley suggests putting a call out to VillageCraft asking if anyone wants to put on a workshop at Omni on that day
  • Joel talked with David Brazil (La Commune) and got a positive response but not a firm committment

  • timing
  • Jesse, Liz and Noemie met on Sunday 9/28 to do camera blocking. It took roughly 3 minutes (Jesse calculates 2:55 after time ramping).
  • Logistics: equipment and props, lights, contacts

Only lav left

Contact list added to google doc

guide subs: suggestions? Mary from CCL

  • script

Hayley would like to workshop the script

Liz's concern: the kitchen in the fire hallway is not supposed to be there and is not supposed to be used, she suggests that we reroute camera path

write shoot schedule.

  • Summary: invite people to come AT 12pm

Production meeting around 12:30 (as soon as there is a good # of ppl) Plan to shoot AT 1pm Run-time approximately 3 minutes Give 10 minutes to reset Do as many takes as people will tolerate, haha

Set Roles

Sound: Sarah

Camera: Jesse

Directors: Noemie & Joel

AD: Liz

2nd AD Library: Joe

2nd AD Ballroom: Patrick

2nd AD Third floor & La Commune: Helena

AD CCL/Sudo: Jenny

Production design & director-sorta & 2nd AD TIL space: Joel

Craft services:

  curly-haired Patrick and Francisco 
  Sarah will bring either fried chicken (if she gets donations), or samosas

Action Items

noematic (talk) 21:33, 7 October 2014 (UTC) FINAL RUN THROUGH ON SATURDAY, 10/4 @ 2:30 pm !! noematic (talk) 21:33, 7 October 2014 (UTC)

Jesse will not be there :0

√ Patrick will make a facebook page! EVERYBODY SHARE IT! :D ~~ ~~ Helena will reach out to David Brazil to coordinate with La Commune, and reach out to Flamenco dancer friends ~~

Patrick and Helena: coordinate activity in ballroom together?

√ Sarah will rent/find a wireless lav & reach out to yoga students ~~ ~~ Jesse will get the glidecam, also bringing zoom recorder, & start a google drie with grant templates to share ~~ ~~ Liz will prepare production docs (map, schedule) & print ~~ ~~ Hayley, Joel and Noemie will finalize script ~~ ~~ Joel will send sample music to Scott for composing ~~ √ Noemie will reach out to yoga students & talk to Mary about doing a practice shoot on Fri/Sat ~~

   [  Arrange run-through on Friday with Jesse???  ]

~~ Everyone please add your contact information to the bottom of the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1voXPJVNeSNDQNM8NwV4ya3gOm67hVYK7OC9e3MjOrvo/edit# noematic (talk) noematic (talk) Announce shoot details at Omni meeting on Thursday! Who will attend? Who is willing to present? noematic (talk)

  • Creative chaos