Event:2014/10/04 Life Support Alliance Event

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A workshop for families with members who are incarcerated. Life Support Alliance is an org. out of Sacramento that supports folks with parole and re-entry, as well as prison policy reform http://www.lifesupportalliance.org/index.html LSA contact: Vaneesa Nelson-Sloane, the director of Life Support Alliance

7 AM - 3 PM

around 50 people will attend.

Will update re: specific space needs, i.e. either the basement or the ballroom.

UPDATE: Gail from Life Support Alliance has visited the Omni and believes the basement portion where we hold GA will be adequate for their event. Herself and some other volunteers will come to the Omni Oct. 3 to set-up for their info-session/workshop. They will need to gather chairs and tables from around the Omni. Depending on the situation with the second floor, they may desire to meet up there.

sponsor: Stephen Novotny snovotnyjr@gmail.com BAPS Brel Froebe brel.alexandre@gmail.com CDC working group