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Attendees and Ice breaker

  • Noemie makes films and had fun on Sunday.
  • Joe keeps changing name for his job title, and now it is: artisanal legend crafter/ Sunday: I put on a hard hat and sang macho man.
  • Joel is with TIL, On sunday after the shoot I passed out.
  • Sarah is a sudo er, on sunday she worked harder than ever in a long time. Was worth it. She collapsed and fell asleep in a cemetary. it is very cinematic. Place to shoot.
  • Marc met Sarah a while ago, is in Oakland to shoot a thesis film.
  • Grandma Danko or Natale: has been 3 times at omni. Twice while volunteering with FNB. Was involved in Occupy Toronto. Just got back from volunteering in an urban open space in India. Passionate about open spaces. Creating common access to workshops. Encourage people to make a social impact. She was there on sunday, ended up 3 times in the same video.
  • Alana's reason to be here is that she's directing a play at the end of the month.
  • Korl is an internet addict, also collapsed after the shoot, was tired for the first time in years before 9pm. Can't believe that we talked her into doing it, that she did it without puking. She did a great job.

HAY IM HERE TOO HIIII -liz yay!!!! Full moon today! Hi Liz :) After the shoot on sunday I drove to south san jose to house sit for family friends


  • Donation! Joe found us donations!!! a friend of his wants to give us 10 copies of the creative suite

6 macs yeah!!thank you joe!!

  • Media Lab is a concept that Joe came up for a baps class: intro to desktop and deck publishing. Lots of activists with good ideas but no tool knowledge to format it and get it in front of people. class starts in november. He opens the class to people that don"t have computers. Space to be determined.

Could be same space as Film collective? Could be as long as it is always the same place. So that the media lab is always the media lab. Make sure that it is accessible to all collective and make sure it is accessible. It's a common resources, they will all be equipped for video editing. Joe's project encompasses ours.

  • Korl: i tracked down Black Hole cinema: they are a dark room rounded around celluloid film processing. I didn't donate my canon super 8 auto zoom. Black hole has the processor to develop it! yay! They will have a way to do that
  • Is the cost associated to film associated to the processing? Yes. It's expensive. The more people contribute to the dark room chemicals the cheapest it will be. if everybody at this table chipped in 10 dollars we could afford a scanner.
  • Joe has 35 darkroom equipment. We could shoot 8 mm!
  • Jesse: chemical processing has gotten way better. Fuji has been making a super tight grain 8 mm: Super super 8! It's like HD. It doesn't require anything new.
  • The labs are closing though. But we'llhave our own lab!

Postproduction stategy for long take funding video - tools and personnel

  • credits: Korl doesn't want her name on the credits of the video, but a pseudo: sk

Local indie News Project

  • Acce (anti eviction organization) and Einstein are in need of indie media coverage.

Let's do this. Create a local indie news station o talk about the real stuff. Cover the Einstein campaign Cover the Anti eviction campaign => create an indie media.

Post our videos on: youtube, https://www.indybay.org/ and Oakland wiki https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2003/12/15/16659021.php

Discussion on Optik Allusions' Values and Mission


  • Collaboration
  • Solidarity
  • Dismantling and challenging patriarchy, heteronormativity and anthropocentrism
  • Representing the under-represented, and even allowing access to the tools necessary for anyone - including misrepresented or under represented cultures and communities - to represent themselves, to tell their own stories.
  • Diversity and Awareness
  • Putting the power of making images in the hands of people.

Description of our actions/what we do

  • Share equipment, make it accessible
  • Classes and workshop to train people how to make films: writing, image, light, editing, etc.
  • Create tools for participative story-telling.
  • Make compelling films to inspire social change, give a voice and a camera to anyone with a desire to express themselves through film.
  • Help make films with complete creative freedom.
  • Create a network of solidarity so that making films will be easier.
  • Experiment new narrative forms

Consensus Items: Lending our equipment

Alana desperately needs lights for the play and needs help from people who know how to work theater lights. Another need: projectors around the Omni.

  • We want to make our equipment accessible.
  • Get a cabinet insurance thing? Get that list of equipment insured. Simple equipment insurance.

All of our stuff should be insured. For just renters: sliding scale deposit? case by case. Korl would like to work on an outline. Maybe pay a membership? Think of a membership fee that would be the best deal in town. Sarah, if someone wants to borrow equipmeent they should come to a meeting and pay membership (sliding scale) Sarah: we should have a two tier system. Donated equipment should be easier than the expensive equipment we fundraise for. There is legacy gear and the good shit. Have the borrower be vouched by one person from one collective. Alana: you could have a simple form where they explain in detail how many hours and when and where. A formal proposal. If the borrower is outside of the collective, we should have someone of the collective be there in the crew.

  • Check out system
  • make sure they know how to use it.
  • One meeting, sliding scale, and a training to make sure they use it properly. File everything. Make sure everything is insured.
  • We should do a training every two weeks. adapted to the equipment that is required.
  • Jesse: consider, if someone has broken equipment we file an insurance policy we get the thing back, do we lend it again? make it depend on the group's consensus.
  • Who could help Alana learn how to use them? Jesse and Sarah!

Action Items

  • Korl and Noemie to work on a membership and equipment rental policy?
  • Researching insurance policy
  • Jesse to do a workshop on lighting this week.
  • Sarah to film the eviction on friday.
  • Sarah is writing the mission statement.

Creative chaos

Noemie reminds Sarah of the Rabbi's cat by joan sfar. Vice versa.