Event:2014/10/07 fundraising pseudo meeting

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Matt S, Derek R, Danny S



  1. "Champion Circle" AKA host committee AKA a group of individuals/groups who champion our campaign by donating and asking their peers who can donate, too
  2. why might they give? how likely?


  1. Before any fundraising begins, communicate about Omni simply
    • general communications (send newsletter, hold tours, etc.) with our audiences simply about ourselves
    • it's critical that we grow our community ties instead of tapping them out!
  2. Build campaign vocabulary
  3. Make lists:
    • Journalists
    • (Local) Publications
    • Media Outlets / Press
    • Potential Partners
    • Sponsors
    • Supernodes / Donation Brokers (bundlers?)
    • Community Networks
  4. Interview (internal and external) stakeholders about where people see the values. User research.
  5. Brainstorm pledge levels, (try data-driven approach), "perks"
  6. Update on campaign to the Omni community. Along with announcing the video.
  7. Finish timeline
  8. Define roles, expectaions, fill with consenting and committed folks (shoot for ~3 hrs / wk)
    • Campaign point-person, point-of-contact
    • Community member (what simple things each person should do to support the campaign)
      • (Private) list of 10 people (friends, family, acquaintances, etc) to ask directly for a good-faith contribution
    • Social media roles
    • Communications / IT Infrastructure
    • Budget person to liason with finance working group and omni collective
    • Relationships person?
  9. Convey that the crowd-funding campaign is next "big goal"
  10. Schedule Omni events at critical campaigns
  11. Assign experience campaigners (especially multiple) to volunteers for interview (write up notes and a summary for omni crowdfunding insight)
  12. Create acount with "Thunderclap"


  • Community of volunteers working on campaign, together
  • All Omni collective community aware of this goal as the "next big goal"
  • Create an acknolwedgement and acceptance of a certain amount of risk, coming to terms with the reality of this project.