Event:2014/10/12 Hearts Desire Reading Series

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Hearts Desire Reading Series: Nico Peck (book launch!), Monica Mody and Stan Lombardo

To take place at 7pm in the common space above La Commune (the room with the graffitied eyeball monster). A collectively curated reading, sponsored by BAPS. For more info contact novotny.stephen@gmail.com

Come join Dirty Swan Projects and Hearts Desire Reading Series to celebrate the launch of Nico Peck's first full-length collection, THE PYRRHIAD, a queering of the story of Achilles. Stanley Lombardo has called The Pyrrhiad "an outrageous, delicate crasis of Homer and Stein and myth-worlds between and after." Meg Day adds, "Peck neither reveals nor constructs but instead bridges a multitude of worlds by allowing the liminality of transformation and translation to sound off in voices both ancient and familiar."


Nico Peck’s work has been published in the anthologies Herstory Inventory (ed. Ulrike Muller), It’s Night in San Francisco, but It’s Sunny in Oakland (Timeless Infinite Light, 2014), and Troubling the Line (Nightboat, 2012); the chapbooks The Pyrrhiad (Trafficker, 2012), I Love the Dark, the Lord of the Night (Mondo Bummer, 2013), Welter (Queer City, 2012), Bug (Paper Waster Press, 2006), and While You Were Watching (DPress, 2004); as well as the magazines EOAGH, Try, With+Stand, Dusie, Fact-Simile, Pressed Wafer, First Intensity, OMG, The Walrus, and Five Fingers Review. Peck’s visual art has shown at Frameline, ATA, SOMArts, Krowswork Gallery, The Tornado, The One, Southern Exposure, and The Brooklyn Museum. They live in San Francisco.

Monica Mody is the author of Kala Pani (1913 Press). Her poems and genre-experiments also appear in three chapbooks, and anthologies and journals including &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing, The Harper Collins Book of English Poetry, Boston Review, Eleven Eleven, PIX: A Photography Quarterly, Dusie, Postcolonial Text, Four Quarters Magazine, and Vayavya. She has been a recipient of the Sparks Prize Fellowship at the University of Notre Dame--where she completed an MFA in Creative Writing, the Zora Neale Hurston Scholarship at Naropa's Summer Writing Program, and the Toto Funds the Arts Award for Creative Writing.

Stanley F. Lombardo (born 1943) is an American professor of Classics at the University of Kansas. He is best known for his translations of the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid (published by the Hackett Publishing Company). The style of his translations is a more vernacular one, emphasizing conversational English rather than the formal tone of some older American English translations of classical verse. Lombardo designs his translations to be performed orally, as they were in ancient Greece. He also performs the poems, and has recorded them as audio books. In performance he also likes to play the drums, much like Ezra Pound.