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Attendees and Ice breaker "What is your name and what do you like to do when no one is looking?"

  • Sarah likes to smoke pot when no one is looking
  • Liz likes to read books...
  • Anthony (non-member) likes to sleep
  • Sam likes to write and draw
  • Nico lives in public
  • Tyler edits on the computer when no one is looking
  • Korl likes to be productive when no one is looking
  • Joe arrived late, he got shanghai'd into doing some other work


  • Mia from BAPS offered use of her netflix account for Omni Film Night
  • Joe: the media center has grown in the amount of equipment they're going to get. Joe plans to form a floating collective that includes members of Sudo, OpAl, and BAPS, who can be responsible for keeping the media center up and running, and running its own calendar. Working title: the wildcard collective. Where will it be? Matt Senate suggested the work station tables in Sudo, in front of the big screen TV
  • Sarah: met the founder of an SF based LGBT collective called Periwinkle, they are interested in connecting with us
  • Sarah: Noemie wants to do an indie news network, and Sarah was contacted by some activists who asked her to film an eviction.

Discussion on Optik Allusions' Values and Mission


Description of our actions/what we do

  • Equipment rental
  • Education (giving classes)
  • Particular projects (what kinds?)

General discussion on this topic

Tyler used to be part of an equipment rental house in Austin TX, which had plans to become a co-op. Their business model was to attract as many gear-owning filmmakers as possible to pool resources together, thereby gaining access to other equipment in the resource pool and developing a reputation through responsible use. Non-members could rent equipment if they have a credit card for the co-op to keep on file. Tyler left before the rental house made this transition. What do we (individually) want to do most?

  • Sarah wants to do projects, learn how to use equipment, give screenwriting classes
  • Liz wants to do projects and give away her very expensive education for free
  • Korl wants to do projects and hack equipment to make it better
  • Joe wants to empower people with digital media skills, give classes that take people through sample projects and come together as a real finished product in the end
  • Sam would like to see more exploration in multi-media production (like 3D projection, software that creates visuals for music, etc)
  • Nico would like to screen films, maybe do a festival, organize conferences and discussions; bring people together in general
  • Helena wants to learn more and develop her film skills
  • Tyler has two interests: teaching media skills, and having a community of people with various skills who will be accountable to each other to actually make stuff

Proposal for Omni

Items to include:

  • Which room
  • how much we can afford, where our revenue comes from, proof that our revenue stream will be reliable

Liz: I don't think we necessarily need our values and mission statement fleshed out in order to apply for tenancy; Omni members will specifically want to know how much we can pay and that we can pay

Fundraiser video

  • Omni Funding Vid: Edit review
    • V1 with no music - coming soon to a laptop near you (currently uploading) (password: commons)
    • V2 with 1st music selection - https://vimeo.com/108955866/ (password: commons)
    • (both have mixed sound, 1st pass)
    • Musical decisions

Sam offers to compose it. But let's see the version Jesse and Joel made with music.

    • Dialogue edits - Noemie's suggestions
      • Robots that pour tea: we could replace it with another one where she's not laughing (her laughing removes the humour from the situation).
      • (there's) pretty much anything you can think of you can do here at omni: we could remove the there
      • It's not all radical (though): replace though by theory (i left a zoom and a wired lav in the optik allusions locker
      • They've been serving food to the hungry since 1980(s): removing the s should be doable
    • Edit - Noemie's suggestions: cut the ballroom scene shorter and take it as an opportunity to do a straight cut instead of fade to black.
    • Color correction - how's it working for everyone? I transitioned between about 14 correction "looks" during this current version
    • Final finishing schedule: We have another week left. To be checked with Matt.
    • Strategy - campaign street team, length of fundraiser, task assignment

Comments on video from meeting

  • Sarah dislikes the music, feels that it doesn't fit, it feels a little jerky in places
  • Sam has a detailed description of his vision for the piece he's going to compose:

"Here's a bit of a description in words of what I'm aiming for at the moment. It's a bit scattered and sketchy, but maybe it'll help give you an idea what I'm looking at. I think I will have both algorithmic/electronic sounds for Sudo and CCL, with acoustic and dance sounds for the Ballroom, Yoga, and Cafe.

They'll share a theme, but it'll get spacey and a bit out of rhythm

when talking about mad science CCL stuff. Robot will bring time back, without melody, which will filter into industrial and polyphonic sounds for the printing press. Haven't figured out BAPS yet, but it'll start to get more traditional dance and accoustic for the Ballroom. It'll become more chordal and less dance for the Yoga, but will then aim for some joviality with Food not Bombs (with dissonance, of course). Return to theme, with a bit more flesh and sub-theme happiness with the Cafe again, and perhaps change nature a bit when wrapping things up.

Anyway, I'm also not sure what will come out of various collaborations

and jams I aim to have during the week, so I'd expect a few changes and twists, and I'd be happy to work with any suggestions as well."

  • Sam invites comments and ideas, email him at sam.tepper@gmail.com
  • Nico suggests not just putting in music we like but music that will appeal to other crowds

Action Items

  • Create an official roster of members
  • Start collecting rent money for the editing suite
  • Add our proposal to Omni agenda, be prepared to pitch it at next week's general meeting

Creative chaos

Collective blind date with Periwinkle: we all wear an 8-headed knitted sweater