Event:2014/10/17 Bookswap Bingo - POSTPONED

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7pm FREE Bookswap Bingo Night - The Omni is hosting its first Bookswap Bingo! Anyone can play, and folks are wholeheartedly encouraged (but not required,) to bring some books to donate for the event. Over the course of the evening we will play several different bingo games, each offering different payouts (ex: regular bingo: 3 books, "L" shape: 5 books, blackout: 8 books)** All unclaimed prizes (books) at the end of the night will be incorporated into the Omni library! Owl and Co. Books [3941 piedmont ave.] will donate 1-2 boxes of books for the event, and 1 box of free books will be donated by members of BAPS. cash/food donations are also welcome, but again, this event is Free! **exact payout amounts TBD**