Event:2014/10/20 Community and Fundraising

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New subgroups you can join to get involved easily:

  • organizing/coordinating within Omni
  • communications and design
  • publicity and outreach
  • events.

We'll make friends, review group work, take on tasks : )



10 mins

  • We all knew each other already!

. Any updates since last week?

10 mins

  • Danny
    • Talked to Derek about getting a big press/media list, including folks who talk about commons, cooperatives, etc.
    • Newsletter draft for public-facing audience
    • Found some text to re-purpose from a "Ben and Jerry's" Grant application.
  • Joel
    • Video update
      • Shot it. Check.
      • Did first edit with audio tweaking, post-production color processing, etc.
      • Looking for right music, and ways to tweak the sound across rooms.
      • Gtoing to get together Tues 10/21 to get a final cut.
      • DEADLINE: Fri, 10/24

Recap from last meeting:

  • Did some analysis of what we need to do the campaign.
  • Broke up areas of the campaign into delegated "sub-groups"
  • List of groups determined:
    • Whole working group
    • Design and Communications / Messaging
    • Internal Coordination (within omni)
    • Events
    • Outreach and Publicity

Review and flesh out task timeline

40 mins

  • Went well
  • Laura will be drafting up a digital version of the timeline. Matt will be sure this is translated to the wiki https://omnicommons.org/wiki/

Finalize bottom liners for each task group

10 minutes

  • Communication / Design - Joel
  • Internal Coordination - Danny (for now)
  • Events - Stan (for now)
  • Outreach and Publicity - Laura (for now)
  • Non-group commitments
    • website / platform / online bits - Matt


  • Everyone: Recruit WG memebers
  • Stan: put together list of possible FR event performers, their availability and contact info (Others can pass on any connections they have)
  • Joel: Start materials design and style guide
  • Matt: start website donation page and determine platform
  • Laura: Schedule and lead Omni-wide asset mapping activity
  • Danny: start writing campaign materials, delegate meeting