Event:2014/10/20 Jasper Bernes "Value, Capitalism, Communism" pt. 2

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7-9 pm Free in the Omni Basement

Pt. 2 (of 3) of Jasper Bernes' seminar "Value, Capitalism, Communism"' will investigate the question of what value is in capitalism, and what types of non-capitalist societies would either preserve or abolish it. We will engage with the most speculative of communist and anarchist writings -- those that begin to imagine modes and mediums of social coordination and reproduction beyond capitalism.

Some texts we might read:

Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program Grundrisse, selections on critique of Proudhonian labor money Dauve, Eclipse and Re-emergence (new introduction addresses this directly) Spufford, Red Plenty GIK, Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution (council communist program, critiqued by Dauve) Kropotkin, Conquest of Bread

Sponsored by the Bay Area Public School