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  • Attendees and Ice breaker: "What's the weirdest nickname you've ever been given?"
    • Sarah: Sardine ("You are a sardine, and I am the can that encloses you!")
    • Korl: Hot Carl
    • Niko: Zeno
    • Sam: Samnonymous the Cryptopotamus
    • Noemie: No-no
    • Danger: Johnny Brothpot
    • Joe: Sam
    • Liz: Ray of Doooooooom


  • Joe - several film screenings: a series in November (emailed list serv about it), and a livestream event in December. Looking for technical help.
  • Danger - he and a friend put on a short film screening, it was well received, so they would like to make it a monthly event. Will take place at different locations each time, may be interested in hosting in the Omni basement. Wants to create a space for filmmakers to screen their own work and get feedback
  • Korl - Film night this week: The Internet's Own Boy, followed by Hackers, with discussion in between. Friday 10/24 at 7pm in the basement! BE THUR https://www.facebook.com/events/917743051589113
  • Noemie - Fundraiser update: video looks great, working on sound, then music will be added. Sam is still working on the music.
  • Joe again - Going to see the Snowden documentary "Citizen Four", in San Francisco the Embarcadero at 8pm on Thursday. This is the first showing of the opening night!

Proposal for Omni

  • Sarah would like help in drafting a proposal for Omni; the details of our ideal arrangement are still sketchy.
  • Joe - There are a lot of film-oriented events coming into Omni that are not affiliated with OpAl, and are being put on by people who aren't adequately prepared to set up such events. It was critical that Joe and other tech-minded people were present to help, otherwise the event wouldn't have happened. Joe would like OpAl to be more proactive about offering assistance to any film events people want to put on.
  • Liz - went a little nuts and did a lot of work to figure out how much would be fair to offer for the room, located in Helena's google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A4EoTZg1EVmj5L7bu48AR4aAOBFbax_sOcNxpIu5Dhg/edit. Also includes an official member roster. **Noemie, please don't include this link when you translate to the Wiki. OpAl members have it in their email inbox, it is not intended to be public**
  • Noemie and Sarah will work on the proposal this week. We should be prepared to pitch to Omni with money-in-hand (collect $10 from each official member)

Consensus Items

  • Niko: Are we really happy with the name??
  • Korl: willing to donate the name of her old photography/graphic design business, Obscura Lucida (nickname ObLuz? haha)

Fundraiser video

Action items

• Noemie will send Sam the final picture cut tomorrow (Wednesday) • Sam will aim to have a synched edit by Thursday or Friday. • Think about alternate names and we'll talk about it next week! • Start collecting monies for rent! But we're not approaching Omni this week

Creative chaos

Brainstorming names - Korl: "EARWAX CANDLES!!" Don't put that in there.... "Vidgur", like Imgur. If they don't know how to pronounce it, fuk'em. DON'T YOU INTERNET??