Event:2014/11/03 Omni Fundraising Working Group meeting

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  • Danny, Jenny, Matt S, Kwe (wants to work on a community radio station), Stan, Laura

Reports from subgroups, inc timeline checks

  • Kwik gathering food to do community dinners! BRB
  • Danny: Writing - Joel's done a beautiful job of drafting a mockup of the new website
    • Necessary to communicate with Comms WG if code is to be implemented on the website
    • Desires to move something into text - what format?
  • Communications outreach - ask for point-of-contact, ideas for events / perks / tactics, inquire about spreading message through member groups' lists and preferred communication channel, estimate expected contributors' initial "rough total" without names/contact info, etc.
    • Stan - food not bombs, fermentation station
    • Jenny - sudo
    • Marc - ccl
    • Laura - BAPS, Omni Music Project (OMP)
    • Danny - Omni Dance, "Timeless, Infinite Light", Print Collective, Backspace
    • Matt - La Commune
  • Publicity & Outreach:
    • Hold a meeting to map out community & personal connections
    • Send out a newsletter and events


  • BAPS and Sudo are on board with the same setup - Wordpress & Events Manager plugin
  • Stan & Fermentation Collective - want to be on board with the same system

Wiki Editors Needed

  • Let's work on using it during the meeting tonight too
    • Who needs help learning this collaboration tool?
    • Does each collective have at least one person who bottom lines wiki updates?



  • Matt will bottomline Communications & Design track for new, in lieu of Joel
    • will be

Website, Crowdfunding Platform, Payment Processing, etc


  • Joel has an indesign mock-up of "look and feel"
    • can we access this?
    • he's out of town for two weeks--do we expect to finalize design and implement site within this month?
  • Alternative options:
    • "Refresh" current site
    • Implement landing page (static html) site, barely modified from a design.

5. Coordination and next steps