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  • Ice breaker : "If you were any character in any movie, who would you be and why?"
  • Davida: Karen Silkwood from the film "Silkwood". Based on a true story, she was a single mother working in a nuclear plant, got contaminated, and fought to expose the dangers of the plant.
  • Niko: The kid from "The 400 Blows".
  • Korl: Bjork's character in "Dancer in the Dark", because she was such a tough lady. OR, the kid from "The Indian in the Cubbard", because he has so many pocket-sized humans
  • Liz: Some kind of elf lady who shoots bows and arrows.
  • Noemie: I don't know, people have told me I look like the girl from "Dirty Dancing". In a weird unempowering way I really relate to Blanche DuBois from "Streetcar Named Desire" when she's screaming "I don't want realism! I want MAGIC!"
  • Stephen: The Argentinian journalist from "Habla con Ella", I relate to his emotional journey
  • Hayley: I haven't seen a movie character I relate to in a long time... maybe Atreyu in "Neverending Story"
  • Sarah: Xena, Warrior Princess! Or Simone de Beauvoir in the biopic "Violet". Or Mary Lennox from "The Secret Garden".


How can we quickly get everyone who was talking about workshops signed up and ready? We want the workshops on the site before saturday's event.

Pizza party

  • Let's have a pizza party to celebrate the release of the fundraiser video, and brainstorm more easy projects that we can do to build our portfolio and get in the practice. Time of brainstorming session TBD! Tentatively, after next week's meeting.
  • Korl wants to make a film about a love story from the shin to the feet.
  • Noemie wants to do a story about the robot.

Hello I'm Steven

  • I have an idea for a documentary project. Amazon hires seasonal workers for Christmas, they have a spcial program for older folks who can't afford to retire and live in RV's. I'll be going to a small town in Nevada where these people have an RV park and get shuttled to the Amazon facility. I consider this to be research for a longer film project next year and I'm looking for collaborators.

Proposal for Omni

  • Anticipate questions : why we do not ask to be a member collective? Suggestions:
    • Being members of other omni collectives, our members do not have a strong need to be represented through opal at this time.
    • Opal's membership seems too small today to take on the responsibility of attending all working groups.
    • We'd like to engage in actual concrete film productions and get a sense that our collective is functioning before becoming involved in omni wide decision making
    • We want to learn how to work with omni as tenants before becoming more involved.
  • Korl: as a tenant we are "at the mercy" of the member collectives.
  • On the other hand it's a lot of work to have someone in each working group.
  • Reading the sublease terms
  • Discuss rent and dues collection
    • Create a budget template that includes dues, fundraising goals, grants, etc.
    • How much for utilities?
    • Set up a gratipay account? Or cash in a lockbox?
      • Straw poll, $20/mo: 5 people
      • $15/mo: 1 person

Appearing on the omni website

  • Matt's email to OpAl:
    • At some point soon I'd like to add your collective to the omni commons website.
    • Can someone send me:
   A "Collective Status" (e.g. "accepting new members")
   Contact information (e.g. an email address)
   A website url (optional)
   A description or any collective statement (1 or more paragraphs)
   Any other information, graphics, or video to include on your page

See an example here: https://omnicommons.org/sr.html

  • Draft answer:
    • Status : Prospective member of the Omni Commons - Accepting new members
    • Contact: optikallusions@lists.riseup.net
    • Description: OptikAllusions is a radical film collective dedicated to social change, based in Oakland, California. Optik Allusions aims to empower people that are otherwise discriminated against - women, people of color, queers, differently abled, and mentally diverse folks - to utilize the overarching medium of the moving image and create films that provoke and challenge the dominant culture. By pooling our physical and mental resources, we make films in a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, supply a lending library of film equipment for creative projects, offer free, at cost or donation based classes, and host film screenings.
    • Wiki page: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Optik_Allusions (yay!)
    • Website: WIP

Name and logo?

  • Optik Allusions or OptikAllusions?
  • Optik Allusions is the answer


We're ready to start!

Action items

    • Noemie to talk to the finance working group to figure out how much we'd be paying in utilities.
    • Talk to Joe about domain names and working on the website
    • Show up at the delegates meeting on Thursday! Yeah! KICK SUM ARSE

Creative chaos

  • Sarah wrote one more scene for her screenplay!
  • Everyone walked out so I guess the meeting is over at 8:35pm. Woo!