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December 2nd, 2014 7 - 8:30pm


  • Stephen's proposal for each collective to have one active member on the 'booking' list
    • Passed! Now what? How do we liberate these new folks on this list?
      • Margit's been renting the dance studio, interested in helping with a document that can help people figure out how to talk to people, Jenny will help. FAQ sheet for booking folks.
  • Is there any announcements of things we need to work on for the OOC?


  • Challenging people and organizations
    • Begin first with personal conversations - avoid policy-based top-down decisions
    • We should assign a 'buddy' or 'mentor' system
    • Offer How We Organize as a point of mediation - Kevin will talk to Sarah and CDC to collaborate on this
    • How do we encourage people to be empowered to listen / learn rather than dominate?
  • How We Organize visioning warm-up (15min)
    • What are we doing here in this wg?
      • We deal with issues around identifying and disseminating problems and potential ways to solve them
      • The survey didn't work out so well
      • Examining what we've done the past and how we should continue - detecting patterns
      • "Tank the think-tanking group":
        • Rent/tenancy proposal - meh
        • Survey - meh
        • Populating working groups - yes!
        • Literature - ballroom FAQ, Working group FAQ / plug-in / lists
        • Chore wheel - how's it working?
        • Populating bookings - we need FAQ's
        • How we facilitate - co-facilitators,
  • Discussion of the issue with "bottom-lining"
    • What are some of our long term visions for our relationship to the OOC?
    • What can we begin to work on individually and collectively?
  • Disseminating building maintenance responsibilities (10min)
  • Check in: How has this been working? Shall we add a "Check-in" to the Delegates Agenda for when we report-back, to see how it's working for groups - how we can alter our current system, etc.