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how has your week been

  *Sarah's wek as difficult
  * Kwe: I'm recuperating
  * Anka: My wkwas awesome Iwent camping I have poison oak all over my body.
  * Helena: Rainy. Getting kicked out of the house.
  * Noemie: Grateful
  * Stephen: Charged.
  * We're glad it's raining because the drought.


  • Stephen: is going to Nevada to research for a documentary.

Amazon.com has a shipping distribution center. They recruit senior citizens that live in RV's without pensions or social security. Amazon leases these different trailer parks and shuttles them to the factory. One of the main RV parks that are on leases has a camping spots.

  • Helena is available tomorrow for doing a la Commune shoot. Tomorrow.

Sharing space and aspirations for stage tech room

Let us focus on projects, positive things We do the radio. Wednesday is the radio workshop. We could start on the idea of the Omni Media Project The space is there people can bring stuff there. It is a station it would be a shame if my station was moved. But if there are other stations. RIght now we've set up that I don't want it to be for storage. We're going to start moving the stuff. Not use the space as a storage space. That's kind of like a loft space as well. What is the media project. Production making media for omni Opal wants to keep their identity as Opal and yet together become the omni media group Finding common sground based on what we're currently doing. we would like to make the resources accessible. Liz: What the delegates said at the meeting about money:

   They said that what would help them is if we paid the utilities. If both our groups put our rent towards 
   How much money we offer.
   Figure out a way to collaborate. 

Figure out an amount. Kwe: I spend more time with sound, you guys more with video. The way I see it. Logistically, there would be a project board. Resources needed, due date. way for people to plug in to other projects;

Educational project

Online platform: program for kids based on documentary journalism. They contact high schools and lend equipment for kids to make journals. It comes with a course. It's online. On Publico Grants Cal grant.

Equipment tracking system

Tyler used to work for people in Austin. Guy made this software. Keeps track of everything. To keep track of everything. We should convince them to make it open source. We could pay utilities. Stephen: do we have leads on getting computer. Talk to Patrick, Joe, 5pm Sarah is sweetening the deal by making madeleines. Helena wants to do something around how women bodies are seen. She wants to have a program with a guide or a program. Anka is into it. Problem: how can you have young kids interested in it. Sarah wants to do a commercial for her madeleines. Anka: we could start with youth groups. Anka's friend has a youth group. There are a lot of youth groups in Oakland.

Fundraising campaign

  • Content: things that show how the space is being used.
  • Interviews, faces.
  • Francisco making food
  • Marc microscope
  • Lynice Pinkard
  • Patrick's comics class
  • Women's variety show

Apropriating and applying MyBlock model

-Workshops + Web video platform for Oakland's young women. -Posibility of integrating an educational program for a specific community as one of OpAl's projects. -Possible collaborators.


Action items

Creative chaos/Pizza Party!