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Omni Commons Working Group 25 July , 2015

Last meeting notes: (wiki minutes bug: right click "Open Link in New Tab") https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Event:2015/07/18_Commons_Working_Group

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  • James - Howard Zinn book fair and other stuff
  • Robb: tired
  • remote-jenny
  • Libbie - happy about sunshine
  • Laura - tired, commons working group
  • Sarah P
  • Ben is well
  • Barrett - last meeting, going back to Seattle, have to leave early 2:15pm
  • Matt - doesn't feel bad at all
  • Julio- sudoroom


Summary of last week's structural decision

  • Sarah: growing out of longstanding conversations about overwork/burnout in this wg, will try a new form for receiving and deciding on events and hosting
  • hosting events offer two big opportunities:
    • 1.) build relationships with people and orgs, allies, solidarity
    • 2.) bring in income for the OMNI
  • because we've been saying yes to every request we receive, the people who are bottomlining events are getting burned out and have been unable to build intentional relationships and partnerships with people who are hosting events
  • we are failing to meet the two big opportunities because of this
    • 3.) demonstrating public benefit -- through providing a sliding scale (mutual benefit or public benefit mission)
  • instead of ad-hoc/ongoing evalauation, we will make a deadline. Historically, you needed to submit requests 1 week before the event you want to host.
  • New format: submit by the second friday of every month for the coming month
  • second saturday of every month--discuss which events we'll take on
  • Barrett developed a set of criteria to evaluate each event, which he will present at this meeting
  • set a cap on how many events a person can bottomline each month, which also sets a cap on the total number of events per month (based on how many people are willing to bottom line)
  • Matt: we should also set up a quota for newcomers to the commons wg--maybe one or two
  • Collectives should be point personing their own events, but also need to be trained so they know how to do that.

crowd management resources


  • Laura: change website, wiki, etc
  • Sarah: write and send announcement
  • Ben: make list of who is pp for event in sept
  • BArret: draft criteria scale and form, review next week

Pending events

  • Heart of Community Dinner - monthly dinner in La Commune, Sarah has spoken to them, willing to pp, will connect to FNB and Phat Beets. Needs work before publishing
  • Democracy Will Win Party - Community Democracy Project folks having a small gathering in the basement tomorrow. Jenny will contact Tia and move Open Circle to Disco Room
  • Solidarity cafe for Malcolm -7/26 Yar pp
  • AAYSP Meet and Greet the Board - prelim to dr. shaker event, SP pp
  • Hosting Dr. Shaker - SP to follow up
  • Omni Film Night: Flag Wars by Laura Poitras - Optik Allusions/noemie
  • DxE Meetup - Matt Senate
  • Unheard of World Rehearsals - they list sarah as pp
  • Youth Pickle - Julio - (can't) need sonmeone else to take over? -Jenny: Max is down to pp his own event, will ask what help he needs from us - update: 7/25, his email bounced
  • Ligure Club meeting - Laura
  • Takun Takun - noemie, publish to cal?
  • Benefit for the Free Speech Stage in People's Park - update from Noemie? Laura is concerned about whether this event will be wrothwhile in terms of actually raisng money. Will it be well organized? Will FNB provide all the labor?
  • HOward Zinn pre event concert 11/14 PP Julio (details below)
  • vegan party fundrasier 2/6 - laura will get more information
  • ? follow-up with Dragon on doing massage here - jenny has, he's added omni and john givens to his insurance. need to follow up about waiver of subrogation - jenny pinged noemie to contact him, update?
  • Takun Takun - noemie pp

Howard Zinn Bookfair pre-concert

  • second annual bookfair in November 14, pre-party on Saturday
  • Radical musical acts: Last International (just opened for the Who in London), Tom Morello (maybe), Mass Band (Oakland local hip hop)
  • offering $1000 deposit; kick back some more after costs are calculated
  • Light alcohol: caterer; similar to AK Press
  • Want La Commune as a co-sponsor
  • Schedule of events -- November 14th (Night before:)
    • Party at Omni @ 7pm, have it as a reception. Start at 8pm with concert - finish around 11:30pm
    • Potentially listing La Commune as a partner? Might be interested in hosting a talk with Howard Zinn's daughter at La Commune
    • Book fair will be in San Francisco the next day -- Mission campus of City College
    • Have their own sound engineer who works at the Shoreline.
    • Claiborne Carson will be in conversation with Alicia Garza -- on the 15th at City College

Other events

  • Bicycle Music Festival- Jake will pp. Ben will email him and ask for updates

End of Meeting

  • please archive these meeting notes by copying the entirepad contents onto the omni wiki


  • then please erase the contents of this pad, except the headings, and this section


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