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Commons WG meeting notes nov 15, 2015


  • Jeremy, Laura, Gwen, Robb

Remote Julio, Jenny, Sadie


  • December 5th conflicts
  • Reviewing event requests
  • We will be having a Commons systems hackathon session on 11/27th at Laura's. She will sed out an email announcement. HACKING! Not shopping!


This Week

* Date - Name - Link

    • Point person? - Concerns/Details?
  • Sierra Club (michelle) will be contacted by me (Jeremy)
  • TinyTux to be point personed by robb if nobody else. BAsement email sent
    • LM YOuth Night - Is that also yours Sadie? Not mine! But I can get in touch with them about that as well.
  • Does anyone know anything about Dixie Be Damned still pending for 11/17? It's a BAPS event. There's a thread about it that was sent to the Commons list but I can re-forward if you want.


Look in /occupy/ -> Events -> Pending

  • Name - Link
    • Point person? - Concerns/Details?
  • 12/4: Important People: Work by the Artists of New Space Studio - Maggie is PP? Sadie- What is the correct time? From 6-9 I believe with significant set-up time.
  • We are discussing the conflicting events on 12/5
  • 12/5 - Nine Lives Music Collective Showcase - Pending 7pm-10pm [Ballroom] $500, they want alcohol - https://omnicommons.org/occupy/wordpress/wp-admin/post.php?post=2298&action=edit RObb is gong to email the guy right now to tell them they cant have alcohol so do they still want to have the event. He is willing to be the pp if they do. jak
  • Jeremy is going to pp and coordinate all 12/6 events. Will talk to everyone to see if they can all happen
    • The benefit show for Juliana Robles
    • The reading and conversation event
    • The persian tea house
  • holiday potluck december: timebanks.bace.org - 12/13 DIsco Room 4-7, Gwen pp
  • Report back from Rohava 12/13 Ballroom - Can someone pp?
  • Laura is going to email "cast & crew screening of the Gold Fish Casino film"
  • robb informing Katabatik Winter Solstice that no alcohol allowed & see if still interested.
  • Urban ReLeaf Xmas party 12/25 Robb will PP and Jeremy will help
  • robb - email sent to x-mas party - notice of approval
  • Laura will email day of purpose, stella veloce for more info
  • Not Ur Baby may be fundraiser for anti-sex work "anti-trafficking" orgs. laura emailed Lori and Rachel to see if the know the groups they are fundraising for.
  • Sadie will communicate with Bay Area Soiree on 3/5 - they just want information at this point,
  • Sadie will contact Sewn seeds 3/6 - they want alcohol and might not want to have their event here if we cant have alcohol. We might be able to by then but we cant guarantee.

Meeting over at 8:54


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