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Omni Commons WG Meeting - 22 November 2015


  • Sadie, Robb, Josh
  • remote: jenny, yar


  • New events
  • ongoing event updates
  • events scheduled on Christmas and NYE


  • Peoples park benefit moved to March. Julio is communicating with Arthur and Mari
  • sadie just deleted events that were pending but passed their proposed date
  • did anyone follow up with the people with the taking power for the people people?
  • cloyne court is moved to the 18th - Birdhouse is pping
  • robb will pp gold fish casino
  • katabik needs alcohol - proposed event is deleted. They will contact us in the future.
  • sadie will contact planet purpose and ask for more $ - $500 and/or a cut
  • bay area soirée is happening at a different venue - deleted from pending events
  • sadie will follow up with the piano recital for June.
  • birdhouse is sponsoring asmr event on the 22 of jan

Events on Christmas and NYE

  • robb will pp both. Josh will help w sound

This Week

  • Indigenous Hip Hop event on Friday - Jenny/Robb/Ben
  • Julius Smack - Sadie/Ian
  • rent raising fundraiser on the 28th - Daron/Sudo

Meeting over at 8:09 pm