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Omni Building WG Meeting Monday November 23, 2015


  • ed ordered caulk, it's in the mail
    • most caulking is done, need to do it above the stairs mostly
  • there's still quiet rock back there
  • after caulking, we need an inspection
    • they want to see the caulk and the electrical
    • front door also needs inspection
  • then we get the bookshelves up
  • maybe dimmer on the mezzanine lights?

front door

  • also needs inspection, maybe at the same time
  • did the plans include a kicker? joe can't find them. they were somewhere in storage
  • ada & casp want a 32" opening, but the electric strike sticks out into it
  • did our permit expire? it's been more than 6 months. joe will call and ask

meeting times

  • we should set a regular time again
  • this week we did fundraising 5-6:30, building 6:30-7. don't need a full hour
  • yar will tell the lists that that's what we're doing next week
  • actually let's do just rodents 6:30-7 so patrik can make that. then rest of building wg at 7.


  • we can get free panels from sun-gevity if we own it
  • pay em off in birthday parties


  • we need 4 panic bars
  • fire alarms & smoke detectors at every exit sign. new info...
  • lighting on the red stage
    • rob: maybe. instead of running a whole circuit, maybe you could put a map on the wall
  • rob is fwding our evacuation plans to firelady
    • stephanie our fire consultant - yes that's actually written on her business card. FIRE LADY
  • let's ask people for money
  • urban ore?
  • anarchristmas

wheelchair bathroom

  • maybe we could have a motion sensing light instead of needing a lightswitch?
  • but we should really work on the lightswitch before closing up the wall
  • a motion sensor would be great for accessibility
  • still can't have the rear bar until we close that other wall. makes sense to close both walls in one job
  • where'd that glue go?


  • patrik brought little mousey guillotines and an electrocution chamber
  • he's catching mice every day
  • rats are getting smarter
  • they haven't been doing any experiments because of rodents
  • need teams for: patching holes, setting & checking tracks, and eliminating attractors (food left out)
  • trash bins are overfilling - tuesday FNB has been taking it out
    • yar still wishes we could keep them on the street
    • easement issues, but we could try building a small fence around it. see how it goes.
    • patrik's not convinced it would keep things cleaner
    • maybe john won't like it. wait until we own it
  • basement pantry - go around with flashing? right now they're breeding inside but first thing to do is close the outside
    • rob: they're digging a hole under the tree and coming into the wall
  • next ratpack meeting? patrik will make a doodle poll
  • rob's incentive - whoever catches a rat, gets a beer
  • dead rats go in the green bin
  • joe heard if you're commercial you have to subscribe to these "green" poison traps or something. maybe it saves birds but not raccoons.
    • but skunks are very brazen
  • something stinks under the steps to the server area
  • phat beets are leaving onions & garlic out, but they're probably still peeing on it. patrik wouldn't trust eating it
  • yar made https://omnicommons.org/lists/listinfo/rodents


patrik would like a map of who's assigned to monitor what areas for rats

  • patrik's doing ccl
  • rob can do sudo
  • yar can do part of the basement, but is only here a few nights a week


  • patrik: should we ban people for leaving messes? that's just as much a welfare/community issue. even someone who drops off free food donation and just leaves it in a bin.
  • yar: maybe first step is articulating clear expectations...
  • joe: maybe signs and a workshop
    • separate trash
    • judith is getting colored bins from stopwaste
  • rob: there should be constructive criticism
  • who's doing dropoffs? maybe a registry
  • sudo & ccl have laminators. patrik can make signs


  • film screening / projectors need a permit
  • not for copyright but for a public assembly space
  • we can tack it onto the wall permit
  • it's on pulleys attached to ceiling joists above the stage
  • we have a structural engineer (peter) who'll draw it up & sign it off