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  • Tatille, Matt, Robb


  • Robb - Ballroom south wall
    • decided to finish the floor level. We still need caulk but we can do most of the work and leave those areas unfinished until we get caulk. If we do that, which I think we will, all the plywood that was one the wall can be used for the ceiling under the mezzanine. We will be cutting new holes in the plywood to accomodate recessed LED lighting fixtures, as well as the junction boxes.
    • sanding the wall is not done -- need help from anyone who likes to use a sander.
    • Putting "topping" aka "joint compound" aka "mud" on the south wall when they're done sanding, within a week.
  • Tatille - she's going to be sanding when they spackel around their office (room near 48th st entrance), so can help with ballroom south wall too.
    • Feel free to poke their patches to the wall, to ensure it is sturdy!
  • Ballroom panic bars on shattuck doors
    • One is installed, but need to adjust strike plate so that the door will close when the latch cover is put back on.
      • Also need to modify door frame so that it closes/opens easier -- namely need to be able to open door by applying 15 lbs of pressure on the panic bar.
    • Need to install the second panic bar -- but first we have to ACQUIRE one!

Fire Inspection TODOs

  • Robb is currently en route to email Stephanie Massey (fire inspector help person), who has a daughter, who also does fire inspector help stuff.
    • After following up with her, we should be able to implement the final recommended fire safety improvements.
    • Going to ask about basement ceiling tiles.
  • Fire-safety improvements
    • Return basement ceiling tiles to Home Depot
    • Buy acoustic caulking sealant (type u175 or something) from ashby lumber
    • Buy second panic bar for ballroom exit
    • Buy wheelchair accessible door opening button
    • Buy matching grey paint for exterior of building
    • Buy Sherwin Williams Dark Grey paint -- BRC0746-14
      • CCE*colorant OZ 32 64 128
      • B1-Black 6. 26 1 1
      • N1-Raw Umber - 37 - -
  • Finish sanding the South Wall in ballroom
    • Once that's done, add topping, sand, prime, and paint
  • Finish mapping all electrical panels / circuits, and decommission unused circuits.
    • Make sure all panels are suitably installed and cleared.

Other Building TODO List

  • Tatille is going to follow up with David Keenan about plans for plumbing and electrical work into CCL!
  • Front door handle needs to be reseated. Also need to reseat maintenance closet handle.

Rat Abatement