Event:2016/01/11 Fundraising

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Omni fundraising meeting January 11 2016


yar, laura, NOBODY ELSE


  • no word. wtf


  • we never filed 2014 taxes (form 990 due May 15, 2015). Jesse says just do it when we can.
  • still preparing financial statements for 501c3 app. needed to classify some confusing credit card purchases.


  • jenny is still working on the perks followup

events ask

  • yar is just gonna install a proper webmail app so we don't have to go through this again


  • laura: the matts have been working on putting together finance stuff mostly
  • need to check with each bank/etc individually, maybe form a revokable trust
  • matt: we broke down what people are paying and what they maybe should be paying... he can send that to people