Event:2016/01/25 Fundraising

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Omni Fundraising WG Monday January 25, 2016


  • Laura, Matt S, Marcus, Jenny, yar


  • Pretty much done with bank acct reconciliation - Matt and Jenny will follow up with the Board of Equalization tomorrow
  • Laura: I was sick all last week and so didn't send out the fundraising request letter to event holders
  • Jenny: Ready to send IndieGoGo update: https://pad.riseup.net/p/indiegogofollowup


  • Mortgage App
    • Matt and Marcus are mostly done with exec summary


Action Items

  • Contact the Board of Equalization to get charges reversed. Must call if we dont have any of the mail that they probably sent us when they garnished the funds from our account. (jenny/matt)
  • Contact Ryan G about wheelchair bathroom electrical work (jenny)
  • Jenny and Laura will go by WFCU to pick up any loan application information they have and talk to Jeff Rogers 310-381-2161