Event:2016/02/08 Fundraising

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Omni Fundraising WG Monday February 8, 2016


  • Jenny, Laura, Matt S, David K, Yar


$Reconciling the Books$

  • Some categories are still problematic:
    • Tax reimbursements (collectives paying into Omni's taxes should be in this category, not Services)
    • Sales of Product (should not have any sales)

Loan App

  • Jenny uploaded Articles of Incorporation, EIN, Bylaws, Board+Officers info, Signed Lease & Option to Purchase/Memorandum to the AAA Folder in the cloud - what docs remain?
  • Need letters of support from other orgs (can include groups in the Omni, other orgs that have had events here, etc;):
    • Temescal BID
    • Southern Exposure?
    • Reach out to member collectives to write letters?
    • Reach out to event holders to write letters?
  • Evidence of Insurance (GL, Fire, Property)
  • (?) Ownership Breakdown -- principals, meaning the people -- not the organizations
    • Come up with a list of people with good credit, reputations, reliability, long-term committment, etc.
  • (?) Borrower Background -- seems to mean credit, other loans, any other lending history, etc.
  • (?) Evidence of city approval / support - CUP / Zoning Clearance /
  • (?) Project Summary (of The Omni)

Conditional Use Permit

501c3 App

  • About ready to go, just need to send to Jesse financial statements from the past 2 years

Action Items