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Omni Building WG Monday February 15, 2016

who's here?

  • yar, robb

volunteer info

what has building wg accomplished in past 6 months?

  • south wall is almost finished
    • yar is so excited to move the bookshelves
  • bathroom works
  • panic bars

what work is currently in progress?

  • still need a panic bar on one outer shattuck door
  • mudding the lower south wall and painting both
    • yar: any planned or scheduled times people can help doing that?
    • no, it's too sensitive to schedule this. need availabilities to line up, need to not have fumes for big ballroom events
    • robb will probably spackle tonight & tuesday, then we can paint on wednesday or thursday
    • yar: how many person hours is spackling?
    • robb: i can get a layer on in a few to 6 hours. usually takes me into middle of the night, ahrd to say
  • electrical work on front door
    • disability access depends on this
    • permit expired - figure out what to do with that
    • matt is talking to ryan g about this
    • right now exit sign is same circuit as lights. do we need a new circuit? is conduit big enough? check the code? maybe run power off snack bar

what work needs to be done?

  • acoustic tile in the basement
  • west kitchen wall
  • drywall in the wheelchair bathroom
  • fire alarm bells - robb may have found a source
  • roof - need fencing to keep birds from pooping inside
    • passive air vent above la commune
  • robb & gerald are gonna install a circuit from first ballroom truss to the stage, for lighting
    • see what it would take to get a permit
    • if we reopen it for the door anyway, then we could tack this on too
  • lighting in the entrance hall
    • just need to lay boards / metal braces, and acquire fixtures
    • it has beams on the ceiling. you'd just need to tie those together. just put them vertically. a lot like the disco room
  • disco room floor tiling
  • painting high up in the entrance hall
  • hang flags / cloth / banners in ballroom for acoustics
    • yar: they should say black lives matter
    • robb has a bunch of vinyl
    • yar: this is a great job to give to a new volunteer
    • robb: heavier the better

what do we need from new volunteers?

  • spackling!!! (this week and next)
  • rat abatement!

rat abatement

  • we need to seal the damn walls
  • east kitchen wall
    • which is gonna take 2x4s
  • furnace room
  • smaller holes
    • hallway by buried seeds
    • upstairs kitchen underneath the counter
    • to the right of downstairs pantry door in FNB kitchen


  • yar: if we had people ready to go.... what steps?
    • #1 buy 2x4s
      • we probably have enough drywall, although we may need purpleboard
      • fiberglass panels go over drywall on interior, it's instead of painting
      • we can skip the fiberglass for now and hang plastic over - drywall will still be an improvement
  • say we buy the 2x4s and purpleboard... then what?
    • robb: probably wednesday or thursday, maybe friday... find out days they're not cooking
    • how many hours would the whole project take? he's not sure. in the neighborhood of days, and that would be really powering through it.


  • robb's working on automating all the lights in building
  • someone's gonna start designing a grand chandelier for the center of the ballroom. found 2 or 3 chandeliers here that are smaller than the others but of the same style. might incorporate those.