Event:2016/02/22 Fundraising

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Omni Fundraising WG Monday February 22, 2016


  • yar, laura, matt, brian, remote-jenny, marcus, david


laura wrote these on the whiteboard

  • 2014 990ez - laura + marcus
  • proformas - matt & brian
  • finalize exec summary - marcus, matt
  • rent roll
  • irs proof the website
  • cup - dk
  • monthly income statements
  • finalizing mortgage package
  • talk to wfcu loan office to get actual reqs: laura
  • business license - yar + jenny
  • subleases for original collective - laura, jenny


  • mortgate trial run at another bank?
  • corporate credit report



  • sudo mate? someone asked about it
    • need to make a plan so ingredients don't go bad before shipping. jenny can buy ingredients.
  • hackpacks almost ready, shipment of needle-nose plyers still needs to arrive. if anyone has spare backpacks or could look for some, we need 2 more.
  • promo materials (tshirt, stickers, posters) pretty much ready; awaiting feedback from building bloc? jenny will order once some consensus has been achieved.
    • yar: how hard is it to change the text on the poster? does somebody have the source file(s)?