Event:2016/03/02 Promotion/Security Committee (Temescal Telegraph Business Improvement District)

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Agenda and Notes


Shifra, (? owner of dona tomas), Brian, Allison, Matt, Laura T, David K, Ken, Maureen, Lexx, Dan Kalb

Incident at Shattuck & 48th St - follow up to community meeting at omni

  • Reviewed list of ideas suggested at the omni commons meeting on the previous sunday (File:Shifras version of 2-28 mtg whiteboard suggestions.pdf)
    • Asked questions, got updates / information from omni commons volunteers, went through a series of concerns.
    • Brought up ways that Omni Commons needs support, that we have to work together to solve these kinds of problems because they are mutual.

Take-aways for TTBID:

  • "Active transparency" vs "passive transparency" -- meaning going out and getting people to come attend meetings, rather than posting them on your calendar and hoping they show up.
  • [Hopefully:] working together to solve problems.

Take-aways for omni commons:

  • There will be seats opening up on the BID Board of Directors. Generally (but not always), one is supposed to join and be on a committee for "some time" before you can qualify to become a director on the board of the BID. (Board Meeting is 4th Weds of every month)
  • TTBID is willing to cross-promote, send event notices to Shifra de Benedictis-Kessner at info@temescaldistrict.org 510-860-7327
    • Commons working group should regularly email event notices that are desirable to promote to local neighbors via BID newsletter
  • BID is attempting to change cleaning service providers for graffiti abatement, sidewalk cleaning, etc.
  • Brian from Nautilus Group has no information about organizing against Omni Commons, but confirmed Nautilus is "concerned".
    • Emphasized transparency is important, to which everyone agrees, and the expectation is returned.
  • Consider sending information to the Temescal Neighborhood Email List and to Nextdoor.io prior to events, anything that has impact, etc.
  • P/S Committee's position is that it is not always the individual business's responsibility to address all loiterers, even outside of one's place of business. It is not the case that all loiterers or people "hanging out" on the sidewalks in our district are doing so unlawfully, or necessarily homeless, appearances do not necessarily provide such information. However, "anti-social behavior" conducted by anyone in public is possibly something that needs to be addressed -- aggression, illicit activities, vandalism, etc.
    • Businesses within TTBID can contact Shifra de Benedictis-Kessner at info@temescaldistrict.org 510-860-7327 to address any concerning individuals.
    • Alameda County Crisis - CRISIS SUPPORT SERVICES OF ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA - 24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: 1-800-309-2131

Temescal Street Cinema - Review producer letters of Interest (Shifra will bring to the meeting)

  • Liberated Lens / Omni Commons may want to get involved -- the S/F committee has selected a new producer.

TTBID Marketing Budget 2016 review (see attached budget)

  • Reviewed 2016 projected annual budget for TTBID (File:Budget-2016-Redraft-2-25-16.xlsx.pdf)
    • $575,383 (revenues) - $555,850 (expenses) = $19,533 (surplus)
    • $21,4000 (security expenses) / $555,850 (total expenses) = 3.8% (amount of budget expended on security)
    • $163,500 (cleaning expenses) / $555,850 (total expenses) = 29.4% (amount of budget expended on cleaning)
  • Primarily discussed event line-item budget allocations under "Marketing & Identity Enhancement"

Spring Art Hop (budget attached)

  • P/F Committee seeking larger budget for Art Hop promotion

Banners Update

  • New neighborhood banners are moving forward.

Directory Update

  • Tabled to next meeting, needs review by P/S committee next month -- CONSIDER ATTENDING FOR THIS.