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Building Bloc meeting - Saturday March 5


  • yar, bb/sudo
  • abe, bb, helping jeremy work on sound wall
  • christine, just heard about omni last week. live in neighborhood, trying to start a coop preschool. idea is community involvement program.

first fridays

  • we didn't do first friday. it was raining and nobody volunteered. this week has been too much. shoot for april 1. maybe luis will come.

volunteer fair

  • yar: not doing it next week. we'll just latch onto birdhouse's friday april 29 general omni fair. doesn't have to be art related. jenny was also talking about a block party that weekend.
  • christine: there's something coming up already. other neighborhoods doing stuff like that.
  • we still need more materials to hand out at stuff like this
  • maybe we can pay to make more stickers during indiegogo run

new members


  • why are you at omni? wanna get involved in my community, the neighborhood
  • what do you do here? nothing yet. see if i can be helpful to people in kid stuff - what i have experience in. if i can be helpful to people that are here. working with a foundation, may be able to look into a grant for kid stuff, or education stuff. maybe.
  • what struggles do you face? nothing at omni so far. pretty fortunate. heard about shooting before - i thought "huh that's in my nh, maybe i'll get involved to see how i can make it better, safer". not my struggle but kinda because i live here.
  • what do omni's values mean to you? after the bad press i read about the values & mission and thought "oh i totally believe in all that. that's what i want my coop to be like. so i'll get in touch with members there". resonated with being a community space, people bring passion to it.
  • what do you need from us? just people's feedback that might be interested in childrens' issues, to start. and potentially maybe one work around the hurdles i face is working at a community center. (bureaucratic reasons) if it'd make sense to be housed at omni. or have access to people interested in the same things.
    • yar: i'd love for that to work
  • what do you have to offer? touched on that before. expertise in ... i'm a credentialed preschool director. i have a lot of experience doing that. a consultation for childrens' issues business set up already. connection to foundation.
  • what are you grateful for? lots of stuff. my family. that i get to live in a nice place and have a place to live. lots of access to good food & good parks & ... that's good.
  • social media? sure. had to quit facebook, got addicted.
  • donating money to omni? probably!
  • group photos? depends what they're for
  • mailing lists? yar added her to some
  • best contact? email
  • key card? guess so!
  • schedule? right now, my son's in a toddler program 9-12 m-t-f but that's when i get my own work done. other times i might be free. so some weekday mornings sometimes.
  • lives close by
  • curious what the latest is, what's going on

next meeting

  • saturday march 19 2pm