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Omni Commons Commons Working Group Meeting - Thursday 23 June 2016


Laura, Robb, Lynn, Jenny, Arthur, Almaz, Dragon

arthur's potential event

  • HAs friend who workd at Lavendar Youth Resource Center in SF (LYRC)
  • Wants to do something about the many shootings recently. Hasn't talked to LYRIC yet but thinks they might get on board to support the event
  • FNB would likely support it
  • Fundraiser to send to the victims of the Orlando massacre
  • Group has a solid base of support for fundraising events, have resources
  • Probably October

Omni sign idea

  • arthur interested in making a sign for omni over the summer
  • suggests painted wood illuminated by lights
  • Jenny: building permit would be needed, she will look into specifications and send to Arthur, will send logo

basement rehearsal space - commons wg impact

  • Robb - how would requests for rehearsal space impact commons wg? How should this be managed
  • Jenny: It would make sense becasue sound impacts to the rest of the building would have to be considered
  • Jenny: Also good if there's someone who's in both the Commons & Studio working groups who
  • Robb: Can we hack the form?
  • Dragon: LibLens has a checkout system for using equipment - if there's someone who wants to use the space but isn't a member, they're assigned a LibLens point person who oversees equipment
  • Dragon: Would make sense for the music group to steward both equipment use and space scheduling
    • Interest is in bringing bands to the LibLens screenings, bringing in $$$ to the omni
  • Jenny: In the past, we've had OMNIdance and Omni Yoga steward the Disco Room, just forwarded requests to their lists. And had at least one member of that group also join the Commons WG
  • Dragon and Robb are the two liaisons between studio and commons group

Upcoming in June (5 minutes)

Check for new Event Requests

  • Fri Jun 24 (was Jun 10) - Basement, Entrance Hall (6pm- 12am) - Artist Open Door
    • Alignment: ?
    • Attendance: 75-125
    • Admission: $5.00 before 10pm and $10.00 after 10pm.
    • Offering: $1000 if alcohol approved, if $700 if not
    • PP: Almaz/ Laura
    • Alcohol: Almaz will confirm they don't want alcohol
    • Status:
      • 5/12: Robb reached out and this is what they said: "We we're hoping to use the entrance hall for the at gallery and the ballroom( the large room with the stage and bar) We are interested in seeing the basement as well and possibly including it for our show. "
      • 5/16 Laura: I spoke with Robb. Organizers of this event are flexible about space. Willing to use entrance halll and basement, leaving ballroom free for Bonfiremakers show.
      • 5/26: Laura helping Almaz with insurance and ABC license matters.
      • 6/9: Moved to June 24.
      • 6/23: Didn't get 221

Upcoming July Events (20 minutes)

Check for new Event Requests

  • Sunday Jul 3 (9pm-1am) Ballroom 4th of July Party Fundraiser
    • Alignment: Yes? Urban Releaf
    • Attendance: 250
    • Admission: $10
    • Offering: $500
    • Point Person: Jenny
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 6/9: Jenny will contact and pp, be extra meticulous about insurance, have bouncy house. We should have someone at the door checking money and with clicker
      • 6/23: Jenny checked in - they are still deciding if they are going have it here becasue of lower occupancy in the ballroom. Group meets tomorrow
  • Wed Jul 6 (6:30pm-8:30pm) Entrance Hall Bay Area Community Exchange [BACE Timebank]
    • Alignment: Yes!
    • Attendance: 2-6
    • Admission: $0
    • Offering:
    • Point Person:
    • A/V: No
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 6/22: Submitted late. They've been meeting at the Omni for over a year already, but the recurrent event ended. Julio willing to have conversation if no one else wants to PP. Make recurring for at least another year, ask if they can contribute a small amount monthly OR pick an area to maintain?.
      • 6/23: Jenny will do if Julio can't
  • Sat Jul 9 (All Day) Ballroom Recession Generation
    • Alignment: Yes? CoHousing California
    • Attendance: 100
    • Admission: $49-75 sliding scale in advance
    • Offering: $1250
    • Point Person: Jenny
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status: Raines was asking about also having a welcome party the night before. He offered $200 more and to make some investment in the space. Agreed to wireless mic purchase
      • 6/9: Jenny is PP. Laura will follow up with organizer in NY to answer questions he has. Per Raines - Jacob has provisionally signed contract with Hub, still negotiating with them. He will help bring afterparty stuff here.
      • 6/23: Contract signed. Jenny will follow up with Raines about Friday night, wireless mic donation, A/V needs.
  • Wed Jul 13 (7pm-11pm) Ballroom Sihasin
    • Alignment: Yes! Omni Benefit Show > Robb
    • Attendance: 244
    • Admission: $20 suggested
    • Offering: 50/50 after expenses
    • Point Person: Robb?
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 6/9: Robb entered this in April. Not through occupy form, but directly in wordpress, so no email to reference. Click the link. Needs to follow-up with the contracts. Will try to get the musician who is playing the Mountain Turns Gilden to open. Pat Xu said he would do flyer. Running Wolf is asking someone to talk aobut Sacred Sites. Dragon suggests Ohlone filmmaker doing something as well. * Discussion about various native american venues and people to reach out to * East Bay Intertribal, Native Health Center
      • 6/23: They're going to play for 1.5hrs, special guest. Running Wolf getting speakers, Robb working with the band. Dragon & Jenny will help with outreach + promotion. Robb make contract!
  • Fri Jul 15 Ballroom Facilitation Skill Building (AORTA)
    • Alignment: Yes! AORTA
    • Attendance: 35
    • Admission: $300 sliding scale
    • Offering: $500 +/-
    • Point Person: Niki/Jenny/Julio
    • A/V: No
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 6/12: Event submitted late (slightly).
      • 6/23: Julio will participate in the training, NIki, Julio, Jenny working on this. HAve concerns about scents, cleanliness, and accessibility. NIki working out final fee and there are comps for OMni volunteers

Training for Trainers Wed, July 13th, 9:30am-5:30pm

Facilitation Skill Building Friday, July 15th: 5:30-8pm Saturday, July 16th: 9:30am-5:30pm (conflict with Santurse, will move into Entrance hall at 4:30pm) Sunday, July 17th: 9:30am-5:30pm

Community Conversation for POC Facilitators Tues July 19th, 5:30-8:30pm

Community Conversation for White Facilitators Wed, July 20th, 5:30-8:30pm

  • Sat Jul 16 Ballroom (5pm-10pm) Santurse A La Bahia: Bomba is Life
    • Alignment: Yes! Galeria de la Raza
    • Attendance: 200
    • Admission: $20
    • Offering: $1000
    • Point Person: Robb?
    • A/V: Yes
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
    • 6/10: Event submitted late (slightly).
      • 6/12: Robb reached out to them. They need to start setup at 4:30.
      • 6/23: Jenny will help with contract and payment etc. Robb is discussing the deets with them tomorrow

  • Sun Jul 24 (2pm-10pm) - Ballroom - Safe Space All Ages Show
    • Alignment: yes?
    • Attendance: 120
    • Admission: $5
    • Offering: ?
    • Point Person: Theo, Robb, Anka, Dragon, Laura for logistics (not Vanessa)
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 4/28: Laura will work with them to draft a contract.
      • 5/26: Theo needs help with coordinating sound. Robb and Anka available. Almaz and Dragon want to be involved. Coordinating offline.
      • 6/9: Dragon - Theo sent him an email, but he didn't see it. Theo didn't show up to the sound training - agreed to come to liberated lens show to tear down but then emailed couldn't make it. Laura - contract signed.
      • 6/23: Theo emailed Laura and wants to postpone. Laura removed it from the calendar. Wants to move it to Oct 23rd, Laura will make sure it's on the calendar. Theo arrives in perfect time!
  • Sat Jul 30 (All day) - Disco Room - Celebrated International Day of Friendship!
    • Alignment: yes?
    • Attendance: 100-300
    • Admission: donation
    • Offering: donation?
    • Point Person:
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 6/15: Submitted late. Conflicts with The EAST, and is too big for the Disco Room anyway. Anyone want to PP?
      • 6/23: Almaz will contact hem for more information
  • Sat July 30 (8am-10pm +2 hours setup Friday) - Ballroom, Entrance Hall, Disco Room, Basement Hall - Hackathon
    • Alignment: ?
    • Attendance: 400 + 3-4 breakout rooms
    • Admission: Free
    • Offering: $3000-5000
    • Point Person: Jenny?
    • A/V:A/V Equipment, Power Cords, Projectors, WiFi, Tables, Chairs
    • Status: a lot of money, and probably a lot of work. Conflict with "Private Party".
      • 4/28: Private Party takes precedence. Maureen will tell the Hackathon folks they can't do it that weekend.
      • 5/12: Asked Maureen last week if she'd followed up, no response. Jenny followed up yesterday asking if they were still interested in hosting a hackathon at omni.
      • 5/17: Jenny got details and thinks it's beyond our current capacity
      • 5/26: Might be hard to coordinate to ensure we keep people in the right spaces, might need to setup video. We have 5+ projectors available in the building. Jenny may not be here. We should have a meeting if Jenny cannot be here.
      • 6/9:Request modified: moving the event date to 7/30. Here are some details:

Estimated Number of Attendees: 200 Venue Requirement: Open Space that can fit 200 people + 3-4 breakout rooms that can fit 50 people Target Demographic: High School and College Students in the Bay Area Dates: July 30 (Saturday) Times: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (+2 hours setup on 7/29 Friday) Amenities needed: A/V Equipment, Power Cords, Projectors, WiFi, Tables, Chairs

      • 6/23: Jenny will call him tomorrow

Recurring Events (5 minutes)

Check for new Event Requests

  • Sun May 22 (10pm?) - Ticket Booth Room? - Uniquely Yours - Creative Writing Workshop
    • Alignment: Yes. Formerly at RPS
    • Offering: 40%
    • Attendance: 10-20
    • Admission: $1-25
    • Point Person: Jenny
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: no
    • Status:
      • 4/28: Jenny reached out.
      • 5/4: Happening every 4th Sunday in the Disco Room, $20/hr for 3 hours or 40%, whichever is higher. To be reviewed in July! Contract sent, no invoice yet.
      • 5/26: Contract signed. They will pay $60 on Monday. On the calendar. Robb let them in. They were appalled about the bathroom and the kitchen.
      • 6/9: Jenny on it. Interested in another workshop in the fall. Person is coming in to get card program and pay on MOnday. Wants space cleaned beforehand.
      • 6/23: Paid for 1st workshop. Alrady recurring on the calendar as 4th Sunday event
  • Weeknights in May, June, July - Disco Room - DeeBeat Workout
    • Fitness class
    • Alignment: Probably
    • Offering: $20 per class
    • Admission: `$10 suggested donation/sliding scale
    • Attendance: 10-15
    • A/V: Robb in dialogue
    • Point Person: Robb/Julio
    • Status:
      • 4/4: Julio and Robb met Kari to talk about details and check out spaces. Disco Room and MPM Space are preferred. Kari is looking into insurance options.
      • 4/14: Robb wrote a contract with Kari. She has sgreeed to give us 30 days notice for any class she wont be having or she will be invoiced
      • 4/28: She's checking on insurance and will get it; Julio will invoice Kari for $60 for 3 weekly classes in May.
      • 5/26: May invoice paid. Julio asked Robb/Kari if classes will continue in June.
      • 6/9: Robb will follow up about continuing contract. No complaints from CCL about noise.
      • 6/23: RObb will email her now.
  • Mondays (1st and 3rd) 6-8pm - Upstairs Den - Biweekly AEMP Meeting
    • Alignment: Yes, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project
    • Offering: $5 per meeting
    • Admission: free
    • Attendance: 12
    • A/V: no
    • Point Person: Julio
    • Status:
      • 4/13: Julio will draft a contract and invoice. Will need folks to open door first few times.
      • 4/28: Julio will facilitate getting them a key card once they sign a contract and pay the invoice.
      • 5/26: Julio to meet with Erin
      • 6/9: Julio to draft contract and do billing
      • 6/23: Update?

Post-July Requests (20 minutes)

Check for new Event Requests

  • Mon, Tue, Thu Aug 8, 9, 11 (6pm-8pm) - Disco Room - The Practice Writing Workshop
    • Alignment: Sorta. Collaborative. Free.
    • Offering: $12/hr = $72 total
    • Attendance: 12 max
    • Admission: $0
    • Point Person: Julio
    • A/V: No
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 5/2: Julio had a conversation with Jamie, and she's happy with the Disco Room.
      • 5/26: People okay with idea.
      • 6/9: Julio working on contract and invoice.
      • 6/23: Update?
  • Sat Aug 27 (8am-6pm) - Ballroom - KPFA Graduation Ceremony
    • Alignment: Yes
    • Attendance: 25-75
    • Admission: $0 (private)
    • Offering: $200-400
    • Point Person: ?
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: Serve
    • Status:
      • 6/21: Received early. Should respond quickly!
      • 6/23: Julio willing to PP if no others are interested. Will need to get a 221. Almaz and Dragon willing to help. Almaz willing to reach out.
  • Sat Sep 3 (8am-6pm) - Ballroom - 2016 IWW Delegate Convention
    • Alignment: Yes.
    • Attendance: 100
    • Admission: $25
    • Offering: $1000
    • Point Person: Laura
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 4/15: Laura contacted Kevin. Kevin responded 4/24
      • 4//28:Laura will follow up to sign contract
      • 6/9 IWW will be elsewhere but Prison Organizing Project of IWWwill be in disco room . Laura coordinating with them
      • 6/23: Doing another event here (focus on prison abolition) instead (convention happening elsewhere), and another event in October.

Sep 17 9:45am-5:30pm Ballroom Progressive Lawyering Day

    • ALmaz will PP.
    • 6/23: They don't seem interested, waiting on reply to Almaz' email
  • Sat Sept 23-24 (10am-11:30pm) - Ballroom - BioHack the Planet Conference
    • Alignment: Yes? CCL Sponsored event
    • Attendance: 100
    • Admission: $75
    • Offering: $1500
    • Point Person: Maureen
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: Serving?
    • Status:
      • 4/28: Moved from Aug 13 to Sept 23-24.
      • 6/9: Discussing it tonight in the CCL meeting. Jenny will check in with them about this and following event after meeting.
      • 6/23: Jenny will check in, wasn't able to prior
  • Sun Sept 25 (10am-11:30pm) - Ballroom - BioHaxus 2016
    • Alignment: Yes. CCL Event.
    • Attendance: 100
    • Admission: ?
    • Offering: ?
    • Point Person: Maureen
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: Serving?
    • Status:
      • 4/28:
      • 6/9: Discussing it tonight at CCL meeting
      • 6/23: Jenny will check in

Emerging beyond Illusions (Oct 9)

    • Alignment: ? fashion show
    • Attendance: ?
    • Admission: ?
    • Offering: ?
    • Point Person: Robb?
    • A/V: Yes
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 5/15: Received request very early. Robb reached out?
      • 6/23: Not happening, delete, will keep us in mind in the future,mchose another place

Radical Mycology presentation (more detailed)

    • Alignment: Yes? CCL?
    • Attendance: ?
    • Admission: ?
    • Offering: ?
    • Point Person:
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: ?
    • Status:
      • 6/23: Jenny will ping CCL for more info

Done/Retrospective (5 minutes)

Check for new Event Requests

  • Thu Jun 9 & Sun Jun 12 (8-10pm) - Ballroom - Bonfire Makers WE GO BOOM
  • Sat June 11 (2-6pm) Disco Room - Community Connect
  • Sat Jun 11 (12pm-11:30pm) - Ballroom - Theater, Art, Music Community Building (Matt B event)
  • Fri May 27 - Mon May 30 - Ballroom - Mandinga Batizado and Women's Event
  • Tue May 27 (6-10p) - Disco Room - Community Connect: Networking for a sustainable life
  • Sat May 28 (6p-11p) - Entrance Hall and Disco Room - Copa Comunidad Workshop and Party
  • Mon May 30 (6p-8p) - Basement Library - Land Action General Meeting

Event Finance review

Jenny - Looks like about ~$12K this year so far

Discussion about Security

  • Robb: From what I've heard and experienced, want to have our own in-house security team
  • Dragon: Shawn and I have security experience, been talking about this. I was an employee for the group that runs security for the Black Lives Matter marches - we could reach out to them when we need extra support
  • Theo: Important that the security team focuses on making connections between people and de-escalation of conflicts

Cancelled Requests

  • Thu Jun 16 [or Fri Jun 17] - Ballroom (7pm- 10:30pm) - Evening Concert / Music Video Release
    • Alignment: ?
    • Attendance: 40+
    • Admission: $5-10 Suggested donation
    • Offering: Door Split 30% to Omni, negotiable
    • PP: ?
    • Alcohol: No
    • A/V: They have PA. Need projector. Need chairs.
    • Status:
      • 6/5: Received very late. Needs PP.
      • 6/9: Dragon will contact organizer. Jenny can help fill out contract, be here and set up project, will also talk to DK about helping becasue he is friends with one of the folks
      • 6/10: They decided to use another space. Deleted.
  • Fri Jun 24 (6:30pm-10:30pm) - Ballroom - Rock Against Racism! concert
    • Alignment: Yes (anti-fascist concert)
    • Attendance: 100-200
    • Admission: $5-10
    • Offering: $100-200, possibly more depending on turnout
    • Point Person: Morgen?
    • A/V:
    • Alcohol: No
    • Status:
      • 6/5: Received very late. Needs PP. From Morgen: This will be an antifascist benefit to help us raise money for printing and getting busses to go out to Sacramento to counter and shut down the white supremacist demonstration in Sacramento on June 26th.
      • 6/9: This event is unlikely to raise a worthwhile amount. Also there have been allegations that Morgen didn't deal properly with money raised for the Knowland Park campaign. Jenny will communicate with Morgen.
      • 6/12: Jenny notified Morgan there is a conflict and we cannot support event. Deleted.

on Calendar

    • Alignment: ?
    • Attendance: 100 Max
    • Admission:
    • Offering: share of door?
    • Point Person: Matt B
    • Alcohol: No
    • A/V: No
    • Status:
    • PP: Robb/Matt B
      • 4/28: Matt will put in the requests for the two days. Event submitted. Will decide the second week of May.
      • 5/12: Robb will ask about what he is offering.
      • 5/16: robb - Matt is offering 20% of the door
      • 5/26: Robb sent Matt an email sent requesting contract
      • 6/9: Contract signed for June 11.
      • 6/23: Cancelled. Deleted.
  • Thu Jul 7 6pm-8pm Ballroom SEEDS Volunteer Appreciation Party
    • Alignment: Yes
    • Attendance: 50
    • Admission: $0 (private)
    • Offering: $650
    • Point Person: Julio, Almaz
    • A/V: ?
    • Alcohol: Serve, not sell
    • Status:
      • 6/9: Julio willing to PP if no one else is. Will need to move Delegates Meeting to Entrance Hall. If private event, and not selling alcohol, do we need an ABC license? No permit needed if no money is exchanged at the event or for admission. Need guest list. Do need insurance that includes host alcohol coverage. Almaz will work with Julio.
      • 6/13: They are using their own space. Deleted.

Action Items

  • Look into calendaring setup for the studio [Jenny]


End of Meeting