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* Front side: "FUCK TRUMP" AIN'T ENUF (done)
* Front side: "FUCK TRUMP" AIN'T ENUF (done)
[[File:Getorgomni-pdf.pdf|thumb|quarter-sheet flyer for omni (pdf)]]
[[File:Getorgomni-pdf.pdf|thumb|quarter-sheet flyer for omni (pdf)]]
[[File:Getorgomni-jpg.jpg|thumb]|quarter-sheet flyer for omni (jpg)]]
* Back side: Omni logo & address at the top
* Back side: Omni logo & address at the top
* space and resources for community organizing
* space and resources for community organizing

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10 November 2016

Meeting to discuss how Omni can provide resources for activist work

Next Meeting is:

Wednesday, November 16 @ 6:30pm


Niki, DK, Julian, Lauren M, Jenny, Robb, Daniel

1st Organize mtg whiteboard notes - Weds Nov 10 2016

Material Resources

  • Xerox machines / flyer making resources
  • Banner / sign making supplies
    • Can we get the offset press working? Can we find someone who can show us how to use it?
  • Set up designated space for production
  • Space for self care / post action debrief / wellness / break room (den maybe?)
  • mobile mesh node?
  • drone?
  • activist storage closet
    • livestream backpack set-up (locked)
    • generators, bullhorns, flipcams, first aid supplies, etc;

Workshops/ Classes

  • Direct Action training / tactics
  • Screenprinting
  • Sign making
  • BAPS class on Community / Organizing
  • Cryptoparties


  • Anarchist productions to stream panels / workshops (Robb)
  • Resistance info & tactics - Big 'open tent' panel (Joanna - see her email)


  • Oaklandish Innovator Grant


  • Flyer for groups who want to organize in the space
    • Create another group to handle influx of requests
    • We should just put our efforts into the existing infrastructure rather than creating another group
  • Regular Community dinners / meals
  • organize@omnicommons.org now redirects to the 'organize' mailing list: https://omnicommons.org/lists/listinfo/organize
  • set up a site at omnicommons.org/organize


  • People to run workshop days
  • People to help organize panels
  • People to steward space


  • Pop-up break room in the Den
  • Semi-permanent banner-making area in the basement


  • Front side: "FUCK TRUMP" AIN'T ENUF (done)


  • Back side: Omni logo & address at the top
  • space and resources for community organizing
  • space * resources * collaborators
  • organize@omnicommons.org
  • omnicommons.org/organize

Action Items

  • Lauren: self-care space idea with niki
  • Julian: incandescent poetic ideation in service of the cause
  • Daniel: distro flyers, class proposal for photojournalism
  • David: repro quarter-sheet; book d.a. workshop, boilerplate response text for requesters - drop off flyers six pm, community dinner/potluck stuff
  • Niki: Reading Rhizome class proposal, drsawing the quarter-sheet
  • Jenny: web stuff
  • Robb: fridays -- idea for recurring event for 'speak outs' 'common mic' - in tandem with robbs friday thing
  • joanna: panel discussion event (email)

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 16 @ 6:30pm