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DIY Safety Group Organizational Meeting 01/11/17


  • Assign Roles
    • Stack taker, time keeper,
  • Intros (Name, what brought you here)
    • Isaac (Finance), We've raised close to 15k, want to develop a work flow so that we can begin to disperse funds
    • Absinthia (Finance),
    • Ari (Finance),
    • Dan (Volunteer Coordination), Want to develop a system for routing and tracking cases
    • Katie (Volunteer Coordination, Has been working with Grey Area, maybe we can help with some of the referrals they are getting, important to track cases and vet volunteers
    • David (Code Compliance),
    • Sam - live in a space that has gotten a lot of attention, have some unresolved issues, am a journalist, have been hosting some fundraisers
    • Sinuba - live in a warehouse, part of the immediate needs fund
    • Thomas Dolan - architect, have been involved in visiting spaces in the last month, wrote the live/work building code for Oakland, want to talk about the difference between the low hanging fruit & real serious cases & the inbetween stuff
    • Cody - was at the first meeting originally joined the communications group, part of a group that throws shows / benefits, want to offer help / labor
    • Garret - Architecture / Building side of things. Trying to understand all of the work that's been happening. There's been a lot of duplication of efforts & politics. This is about spaces and we want to serve the various groups equitably, the decisions about how to disperse funds and assistance is not really transparent right now
    • Katie - In kind donations have probably been offered as well, I would like to track those things as well
    • Sean McHenry - legal group / attorney, have a background in eviction defense, trying to connect people with an attorney, now looking at event permitting
    • Matt - architect w/ Open Architecture
    • Colleen - Open Architecture Collaborative, passionate about identifying projects that need drawing / design work, intersection between people who live in these live/work spaces get the benefit of helping people in real life
    • Jack - The Gate in San Leandro - got evicted, City website design company that I work for is redesigning Oakland's site, want to get people involved who can help w/the Fire Code, want to demonstrate at least one space that the community has helped to get compliant
    • Ron - electrical engineer, firefighter, on fire safety committee for burning man, backgroud in public policy, fundraising, etc. Help people triage life safety issues in their spaces.
    • Les Young - Architect, primarily do high rise building, previously a firefighter & have done fire safety at Burning Man, helped to run CellSpace, helped get permits, etc. Help save the Ship Yard, there's a knee jerk reaction where people think everyone is out to get them but really these codes are here for a reason
    • Cliff - worked at an architecture firm for 3 years doing drawings, want to support diy spaces
    • Tom Dean - work for Oakland Metro, also have a live/work space in w. oakland
    • Mia Dean - same as above, in the policy group, something that we have done that many people have is taken an empty warehouse and made it legal, we also got money from the city for improvements
    • Jonah - Oakland Warehouse Coalition, been working 18 hrs a day for the past month, Put in Emergency Tenant Protection ordinance in, have been at City Hall every day since then, my group and this group have very similar goals. My contribution to this group is limited. I see the organizations as working in parallel, hope some people who were at the bigger meetings get looped back in, if you want to know what's happening with the OWC I want to pass around and email list
    • Kevin - lost 4 of my friends in the fire, have background in public policy work and coalition building, important to find the leads in the various groups to come together in smaller meetings and then communicate back to larger groups, important to create a space where a higher level of information sharing can happen
    • Niki - volunteered to facilitate the first meeting, looking to step out of that role, just want to make sure places that need help are put in touch with people who have offered it
    • Kevin Mathieu - been helping Burnt Ramen
    • Ayse - architect, works for a firm in Oakland, design performance spaces
    • Tyler - architect & licensed GC
  • Open conversation (15 min)
    • Tom - mayor issued an executive order this afternoon
    • Jonah - mayor has given a lot of buildings 60 days to report themselves
    • Garrett - think we should have breakouts
    • Katie - want to get info for leads
    • Jack - intake forms, no follow up , want to make sure we are reconciling
    • Thomas - spaces that probably don't want their addresses listed
    • Kevin - want to provide anonimity, when we come back to a town hall format, important that we're able to speak in a way that will be easy to understand
    • Katie - again, i just want to match needs and a name and a number
    • Isaac - having a central database protected, we're going to rely on you to let us know who needs funds / how much
    • Dan / Kevin - leads please connect with Dan so that we can communicate with you
  • Breakouts